Friday, June 1, 2012

No More Stage Fright

As my mother and I arrived to the El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station we didn't really know what to expect. I was very nervous since Mr. Ramsey had told me that I was going to be giving a speech at the Brown Dinner at Boulevard. I was clutching on to my mother hoping that I would feel better, but it didn't help very much. I just kept trying to tell myself to relax and that I was going to do fine.

When we arrived at Boulevard we were told to get to know and spring up conversations with the alumni, sponsors, and other people that would be a great help to us in the future. I immediately did what I was told and met an alumni named Anne White. She was a wonderful women that I had the privilege to meet. She even gave me her card to e-mail her if I had any questions! I also met another alumni named Raquel Osorno.  She, as well as Ms. White, gave me her card to contact her if I need anything or had questions. I also had the privilege of meeting Guadalupe Morales, a young lady who had been part of the Ivy League Connection and that had recently finished her first year at Brown University. Getting to know these wonderful people made me feel so comfortable and less nervous about speaking in front of everyone else.

The moment I had been waiting for with so much fright had soon arrived, Mr. Ramsey called me out by name and I was soon standing before everyone. I began my speech not realizing that I was no longer afraid or nervous. I saw everyone smile at me and clap whenever I said something that inspired them. I felt really good about myself and happy to know that I was doing a great job. When I had finally finished everyone clapped and my heart was full of joy because I knew that everyone had paid attention and understood what I was saying. Also I received a whole lot of  compliments and inspiring words from many people that are a very important part of the Ivy League Connection.

This dinner at Boulevard took away all the fear that I had about giving speeches and it also boosted up my confidence in many ways. I truly had an amazing time at the Brown Dinner at Boulevard.

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  1. I don't know why you would be nervous, Abby. There were only 61 other people in the room with their eyes glued on you hanging on every word coming from your mouth.

    You did an awesome job with your speech--truly awesome. Many people spoke about it and some even wrote about it in their blogs.

    The one thing I try to impress on you all--with limited success--is that when you're with us you're among friends. Even if you stumble, there's no one that won't step forward to keep you from falling all the way down.