Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Lifetime Opportunity

It's really hard to believe that a whole week has just flown by since we've arrived at Brown, despite the way every day has felt so long (not a bad thing). Today we all had the choice to sleep in, and everyone took advantage of this lifetime opportunity. The campus didn't quite come to life until late morning.  After a lazy brunch at the V-Dub, David, Taylor, Kelly, and I scheduled another meeting with Ms. Kaplan. This time, went to go see the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, by the school within Brown. The museum was very interesting and contained a wide variety of different forms of art and other exhibits, including a replica of a 20th century house. In my opinion, the most interesting exhibit in the RISD was a room with colorful walls. In the center of it, there were numerous glass panes which hung from the ceiling. As the glass rotated freely on strings, light would reflect off of it from different angles, showing images from all over the room. The exhibit was very peculiar but created a quite peaceful, mesmerizing feeling. I felt like I could just sit and gaze at it for hours.

After the museum excursion, we decided to pick up our Brown gear from the bookstore. One of the great things of being an ILCer is that we all get a piece of clothing from the school we attend as a memento. We spent quite a while there, trying to make what seemed like the hardest decision trying to choose from its wide variety of Brown clothes. Being indecisive, I took the longest, but in the end everyone seemed satisfied with what they got.
Considering our options
Although there was another ice cream social after dinner, we chose to get serious with some studying in Emily’s room instead. I guess it sort of reflects the kind of decisions that we will have to make in college—knowing how and what to do when.Working alongside other people

I’m learning something new every day—whether it be from working in the biotech lab, exploring my unfamiliar surroundings, managing/organizing myself, or meeting and talking with people from all over the world that are my age. I’ve had so many vast new experiences throughout this trip that have changed the way that I see my life, and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts about Brown and campus life soon. Right now, I can’t bear to think that it’ll all be over just two weeks.

After becoming familiar with Brown over the past week I look forward to what excitement and surprises the next week might hold. So far all I know is that every day we will be in the lab, and it will also be raining every day…

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