Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crisis Averted

I'd just like to let everyone (especially my mom, who I only just now realized tried to send me camera advice in a blog comment) know that my camera is back and working again! I was only able to fix it tonight, so I unfortunately don't have any pictures of today's events. I tried turning on my camera over and over throughout today, took out the battery multiple times, charged the camera a bit, and completely gave up at about 7 PM. As I sat down to organize everything I'll need for class tomorrow, I decided I would try turning it on. Again, the camera immediately shut itself off, but for some strange reason, I figured I should squeeze down on the camera (I really do have no idea what made me think of the new equivalent to kicking a TV, I may have been inspired by my mom's repeated use of a camera with a rubber band stretched around the battery section to make sure the camera turned on) and somehow that actually worked! I assumed that was a fluke, but even now I can still turn my camera on and off as I could have days ago. I know this makes it seem like there was no problem to begin with, but I promise I'm not so technologically challenged as to not have been able to remember how to turn on my camera for two whole days.
Anyway, today as a whole was a nice break, since I was able to sleep in until 10:00, and stock up on sleep for the next week, where it seems like I will have my longest homework assignment yet (just a gut feeling, I think the second week would be the best time for a lot of homework from the teacher's perspective). I headed off to an early (for me) lunch at around 11:30, and then started reading through my massive Macroeconomics manual, mastering many monetary models (alliteration provided by Microsoft Word's thesaurus). It was quite difficult having to attempt to understand some of these ideas without Nick being around to walk us through the counterintuitive ideas throughout the chapters we had to read to understand the homework. Granted, the homework is due Tuesday, not Monday, so he will have time to explain it, but I wanted to get as ahead as possible with the homework.
The whole Brown cohort felt similarly, and so we all decided to go to the Rock, a library, to study and go over homework together. I had yet to go to the Rock, and after hearing David describe the great study rooms they had inside, I was extremely excited to get to see it. David and I were the first to arrive at the Rock, and the building alone made me ecstatic to see what the inside of it looked like, it was absolutely beautiful. (Again, my camera only just started working so I couldn't take a picture, but I will post one as soon as possible). Unfortunately, as we began to head through the revolving doors, a woman inside the building told us that the Rock closed at 7 on Sundays, meaning I will have to wait at least another day to see the much-hyped library. We ended up heading over to Emily's room, and it was really nice having three other people to bounce ideas off regarding these somewhat ambiguous questions, they can be pretty hard to interpret. After spending time in that productive patch of learning, I headed back to the dorm, eager to get away from some of the obnoxious music (there was a semi-party on the first floor filled with a bunch of kids who didn't seem to actually be having any fun) that left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm not looking forward to having to wake up early again tomorrow, but if anything can drag me out of bed, it will be the chance to hear
Nick explain some of the more complicated ideas regarding GDP.

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