Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bring the Heat

I had a little situation last night with my blogs where my formatting wouldn't agree with the published product. I contemplated whether or not to just rewrite the whole blog all over again or not for over an hour. In the end, I found an imperfect, but only solution to my situation. As a result, I woke up from my bed feeling like a pregnant worm. I slowly slipped down from my bed, and dragged my sheets down to the floor with me. I was half awake when I was getting my clothes, so instead of getting two black socks, I got one white one and one black one. The warm shower did help though, but I couldn't stay in there for too long because I was starting to get prunes on my fingers.

I waited under the same meeting spot for 10 minutes or so. Once everyone was gathered under the infamous stop sign, we started on our way. Even at 8:30 in the morning, the weather was already warm enough for us to wear shorts and tank tops. We took the usual path to class and walked more confidently without our maps with highlighted roads to class. We grabbed our pancakes and scrambled eggs and scurried our way over to Room 101. The seats were rearranged and scattered all over again, so I decided to shuffle up my choice of seating today. I spotted some empty seats next to Nick and the girls, and immediately sat down to start class. 

We started class by reviewing demand curves and supply schedules. Class passed by really fast. We finished chapter three by the first hour of class, sped through chapter four in a half hour, and rapidly pushed through chapter five. Professor Coleman gave us some amazing lectures. Also, unlike many high school teachers, Professor Coleman actually tells us how these concepts apply to the real world and how the graphs that we learned about aren't just to improve our drawing skills. I really appreciate the fact that he knows when we need breaks, and knows how long to make our breaks last. Even during class time, we each kind of have our own individual time to get answers for our questions. We were also encouraged to share our answers on the board and explain our answers to the class. This way, there is a constant and engaging learning environment for the students. Though most of the learning is independent, I am reassured that help is always available to me whether it's inside or outside of the classroom. 

After lunch, Tayler, Ying-An, and I headed to the Brown Bookstore to beat the afternoon heat. It was 92 degrees Fahrenheit outside with the sun blazing on our backs. The humidity really slowed us down mentally and physically. We headed up to the second floor and got comfortable on the comfortable couches there. I decided to get started on the Macroeconomics homework and lighten my load for the week. Tayler found an amazing book about the life of a boy during the Holocaust and nearly finished half of the book in the two hours we were there for. Ying-An started his DNA Biotechnology mission, which was to memorize and know each and everyone of his classmates. It was a very solitary place to work in, but also quiet enough to focus. At around 2:50 PM, we left the bookstore and headed to Sharks to meet up with Ms. Kaplan.
Studious Students

Ms. Kaplan found the restaurant to be too loud to her liking, so we decided to go to Starbucks instead. We listened to some of Ms. Kaplan's adventures at the colleges in Boston and some new things she learned about there. After, we shared some of our stories and told her our opinions about the course. I really enjoyed Nick's perspective about the course. He said "... it's mostly up to me whether or not I want to do the material. If today's subject isn't as interesting, I'll just take some notes. If it is, I'll go back to look it through". I really agree with this way of teaching, because it really gives us a heads up about how college really would be like. College professors won't care whether or not you're failing. They're not going to be active and ask you if you have any questions; you have to ask the professor directly. If anyone is to blame, it's the student. In reality, this is how the world works. By preparing us ahead of time, we are more likely to adapt and succeed. 

Kelly traded her eyes for peacock feathers

We later decided to go down to the fitness center again to do our homework. I know that it sounds kind of weird, but it actually helped us get our work done. We borrowed one of the abandoned ping-pong rooms and set down our books and laptops to start with whatever we needed catching up on. I completed half of my Macroeconomics homework in that room, and was able to brainstorm a little bit on my Macroeconomics project as well. Tired of sitting down on a yoga ball as a replacement for a chair, I decided to go run on one of the machines for half an hour. I really enjoy using that room as a multi-purpose room. The only thing it does lack, however, is a paddle and ping-pong balls. 

We had a quick dinner back at the V-Dubb. After dinner, we walked into some of the other stores on Thayer Street on our way back to the dorms and as a way to steal some free air conditioning. We later agreed that we'd go back to Kelly's dorm again to reform our blogging group. Another partial reason was because Kelly lives in the basement, and the basement is much cooler than our dorms. However, Kelly was too inclined and just had to get on the swings. As a result, we got on one of the swings from outside of the dorms, and started rocking back and forth. I later had to push the five persons occupying the swing. Kelly called it an "opportunity for you to exercise." I can't deny the fact that I did have some fun pushing the swing though. I'm very grateful that I didn't get any splinters in my fingers after pushing that swing for half an hour.
Swinging on the swing; imagine me pushing that
The days at Summer@Brown are passing by so quickly. It feels as if each day is the first day of class, and each friend I make is my first one. With barely a week having passed, I already love it here at Brown. I love the people, the convenience, the opportunities, and even the weather. Simply put: it is amazing here. Nothing's going to stop me from exploring Brown even more with my mind, body, and soul. Well, there is that one 90 degrees thunderstorm on Friday that I might want to consider before I make any rash decisions. Now, if only I could remember where I put my green umbrella at...


  1. David,

    I’m having a tough time understanding this concept of going to a book store to study. And that book that Tayler nearly finished, was this one of the books that they wanted her to buy? Usually they don’t want you to sit around and read their books. Sooner or later your Macro instructor will mention something about this.

    Great photos, David. Photos of buildings are nice but we need to see photos with people in them, too. And maybe that’s why I like today’s photos so much.

  2. Oh, and you absolutely have to go into more detail about this pregnant worm your wrote about. I’d love to see a couple of photos of that sucker.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! You're sitting on the Zeta Delta Xi swings (my frat)!