Friday, June 15, 2012

Team Brown 1-Our Students

I want to take a couple minutes to talk about our students. They have been fantastic! They have responded to the early morning bell while trying to adjust to the difference in time zones. They are dealing with poor Internet connections in the boys room. They have put up with long car rides, four hours one way to Dartmouth. Even longer coming back thanks to Boston rush hour traffic. Late dinners and early breakfasts. When they get face to face with admissions people they ask good questions. They each ask different questions. If they get a break in the interview, they get together and check their notes and with each other and see what questions they still need to get answers to. They really enjoy the interviews with current students and alumni. The students really want to know what the daily life of the student is like, what sort of academic support they get, how are room-mates selected and problems resolved? What I'm even more impressed with is how they pick up on a piece of information and decide that the answer or information leads to more questions. This is where they really shine at the lunches and dinners. There have been great across the table exchanges between our students, their students, the admissions people and their alums. I think our students have left some very favorable impressions behind every where they have been.

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