Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Enemy: Time

Everything was perfectly fine until that unfaithful moment when my alarm rang. I had hoped that the weather prediction would turn out to be wrong and I would be able to walk to class without looking like a slough with my backpack on. My laptop weight is seriously not making the situation any better than it is. Some serious decisions need to be made about this new change of climate. Maybe I should get a portable fan, or possibly create some air conditioning backpack. I have no idea how that would work though...

I was actually afraid to walk outside of my building in the morning to head to class. After checking the weather before I left and realized that it would be so much hotter than the day before, I was absolutely terrified to imagine how hot today would be. I haven't reached anything over 90 degrees back in California for so long. The first time it hit the more intense temperatures at Providence, I was actually really intent and enjoyed the heat. After a while though, it wears off and you just cannot wait to find someplace to shelter away from the sun's rays. In the end, I had no other choice but to enter the burning furnace that we call "outside". I was so eager to hurry up and experience the air conditioning in the V-Dubb. Considering the time I had left, I decided to just grab a quick bowl of cereal and quickly finished it. 

In class today, we had our daily routine of a review and a lecture, followed by some interactive work with the class. I know I've probably already mentioned this a million times, but the pace of the class is extremely fast. We practically skim through chapters within minutes and the lecture slideshows last seconds. Instead of focusing most of the class on concepts and chapters today, Professor Coleman decided to give us the mathematical side of economics. We explored several formulas that spoke to me like some type of alien language from Mars. Nick and Emily were tons of help when it came to helping me understand the steps of the equation. By the end of class, my brain capacity was full for the day, and my stomach beckoned at me to fill it with some food. 

Bubble Milk "Ice" Tea (hold the milk)
I had a quick meal at the V-Dubb while Kelly, Ying-An, and Tayler decided to go to the Korean BBQ truck for their lunch. After they got their orders, we retreated into the bookstore and ate away from the humidity outside. After, we went upstairs to finish up some of our homework. We stayed in there for a little over four hours just trying to finish our work and save some time to watch the NBA game tonight on the Brown campus. I was very disappointed when I wasn't able to finish the homework. After dinner, Tayler and I went back to Brown and propped open our books and binders on the grass. We saw Emily walking past us a while after, so we called her over to join us. Kelly and Ying-An had their own DNA Biotechnology study session with their classmates at 7:30, so they decided it was better to not come with us.

Exploring the tools in our study room
The bugs came a-crawling sooner or later, so we decided to go to the Rockefeller Library to continue our work. We found some pretty cool study rooms in the back of the library (I guess asking your librarian for locations is a good idea) and immediately picked out the most comfy looking room that we could find. We had some fun for the first few minutes, but later picked up the pace and continued our homework. We were so sure that we'd finish, but the library was supposedly going to class at 9:00 PM. So instead, we left early to avoid getting accidentally locked in. We finished around 10:30 PM and made it in time for our curfew.

Teamwork is what works
Schedules are really becoming more and more of an obstacle for me. I've considered getting a planner, but that's never been a consistent solution to these problems. I sometimes wish that there were more hours in the day. The weather has also been slowing me down in practically everything. However, I am actually quiet interested to see what tomorrow's weather is like. According to the forecast, we're going to have a thunderstorm, but with a temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Living in California for so long, I've never experienced "hot rain" my entire life. I think that it will definitely be an interesting thing to look forward to tomorrow. 

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