Wednesday, June 27, 2012

History in the Making

The day began with another day of our fabulous Macroeconomics course with our professor Nick Coleman. Today we continued yesterday's topic on Aggregate Demand and Supply. It is a lot clearer to me than before but I will definitely have to go through the chapter again to make sure I got everything. We also went over "The Multiplier" concept. This is the concept that when you have money a portion of that money is saved and the rest is spent and ends up in some one else's hands and so on.

After class and lunch, we met up with Ms. Kaplan to go on a tour of the nearby John Brown house. John Brown was the self-proclaimed "Cleverest Boy in Providence Town" in the 1700s. He was a merchant and adventurer and had the first mansion in Providence. He was very prominent in the slave trade industry even though his brother, Moses, opposed it. He was also elected treasurer of Rhode Island College now known as Brown University (Although the school was not named for him but his nephew). We started out the tour watching a video about the history of the house and it's three owners, which is amazing seeing that it was constructed in 1786. The Rhode Island Historical Society has since restored the house to its original design in the 1700s. In almost every room there we mannequins dressed in the exact clothing that belonged to the family members who the mannequins represented. All of the rooms had antique furniture in them dating back to that time period. And while there were parts of the house that had been renovated by the 2 other owners, for the most part it was a pretty accurate representation of what John Brown came home to.

For me personally, touring this house was a great experience. History is my favorite subject so getting to see how some one from so long ago and who was a very prominent person in his community lived was really amazing. It was really interesting to see the architecture and paintings from the time period in the home. I really enjoyed the museum.

At 7 o'clock it was time for us Macroeconomics students to head over to Smitty-B. Since we will be missing class on July 4th, we have to make up for lost time. Nick Coleman thought it would be fun for us to watch a movie on economics. After a quick vote last week our class decided on Moneyball staring Brad Pitt. Although it isn't exactly related to economics, our instructor approved. Once everyone had arrived we sat back and enjoyed our much anticipated movie night.

Today marked the 8th day in our Macroeconomics class which means we are over half way through with our class. I've learned so much already in this short amount of time. Not just in the classroom, but out side of it also from the friends I've made and the experiences I've had. Even though I never want it to end, I can't wait to see what each new day holds in store.

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