Tuesday, June 19, 2012

College Life

After a great day yesterday, I was very much looking forward to another day of class. After meeting Kelly for breakfast I headed to class with Nick, Emily, and David. For the first couple of minutes in class we met with our group and discussed our group project. Our project is about the difference between China's interventionist polices and America's laissez-faire policies. I think it will be a very fun project to do and present to our class. For the rest of the class period we went over the homework and went more in detail into opportunity costs. We also discussed supply and demand and what causes a shift in a demand curve. The part of the lecture was very interesting to me was when we discussed the Laffer Curve and how it plays a role in the decisions in our government on both sides, democratic and republican. Nick Coleman, our instructor, explained to us that the United States doesn't know where exactly they are on the curve so it is the center of many debates between the political parties.

After class I had lunch which was a chicken sandwich and was actually my favorite meal so far. At 2 Kelly, David, Ying-An, Emily, and I headed for an adventure to downtown Providence. Before we left, we stopped from Frozen Yogurt. As I was about to pay for my 12 ounce cup of FroYo, one of the customers offered to buy it for me. It was really kind of him and shows how people's little actions can brighten your day. 

In Providence Place Elevator
Once we finished off our snack we boarded the bus going into Downtown Providence. Once we were at the bus station an alumni of Brown offered to walk us to Providence's mall so that we didn't get lost. It was really kind of her and we made it there safe and sound. We walked around the mall for a few hours and got a chance to go to stores that we hadn't been to last time we visited the mall. We had great time and around 5 we headed back to campus. The bus ride to campus really quick and before we knew it we were back on Thayer St. On Thayer Street there is an amazing saxophone player who plays everyday. Its really fun to stop and listen to him because he is so talented. After our walk down Thayer Street we finally made it back to the Grad Center. We then headed to the workout facilities in our dormitory. The gym is really nice and has a lot of open area. It's really awesome to have a gym right by where I live. After an hour long workout we were starving and made our way to the VDubb for another "fabulous" meal. They were actually serving many choices for dinner tonight. From chow main to tortellini it was a night of multicultural foods. 

Ice Cream at the VDubb
We then decided to do laundry together on Kelly's floor of the Grad Center. We made a quick detour to the swings on campus and met a couple of girls who are from across the country. On our way to the laundry room we ran into a couple of David's friends and they joined us on our expedition. One of them is from Southern California and the other from Georgia. I find it pretty cool how easily you can make friends and how genuinely nice everyone is here. 

After a great day my anticipation keeps building and building for what next couple of weeks has in store for us. Today I felt like a real college student going from class to off campus adventures and ending the day in my dorm. I am having a great time here on the East Coast and I am defiantly not ready to go back home anytime soon. 

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