Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday, Friday!

Whenever I told anyone that I would be headed to the East Coast during the summer, everyone who either grew up here, or just visited, emphatically told me, "Oh, now you'll get to see what real seasons are." My poor, naive self laughed it off. 

Rolling out of bed this morning was like stepping into a shower, before I even made it to the bathroom. The humidity is what scares me the most about East Coast weather; I can handle hot, and I might be able to deal with cold, but humidity is killer. The constant feeling of pressure gets to be too much, until I get to a heavenly room with air conditioning, like the V-dub. I never stroll into the dining hall: I stride, with the dual intent of stuffing my face and being able to breathe cool air.

For some reason, after about half an hour in an air-conditioned room, I forget what humidity is. So, walking outside to class after a while in the dining hall is always shocking to me. Thankfully, our classroom is also ACed. Today in class, we talked about the financial collapse of the U.S. housing market, and it's implications. It's so bizarre to me that I was actually alive during this historical moment, and I've already seen some documentaries and read some articles on the topic. Doing all that though, was nothing like being in a room full of intellectuals, and hearing an in-depth discussion of all the technical terms that had previously gone over my head. 

After leaving class with considerably more knowledge, it was back to humidity. My dorm room is actually relatively cool, and that's helped by the adorable desk fan that keeps air circulating. After having some down time while some buddies were at the gym, I went to my dorm meeting at 5:30 PM. Our Resident Advisors reenforced the curfew rules and open-door policies, and encouraged all of us to make new friends and meet new people. With the people on my hall, that's not a hard task. Everyone is really friendly and open, so conversations spring up everywhere, from stairwells to people just poking their head into your door. We also have 'Hall Wars' which are organized games set up between the different halls. There has been one trivia night, but unfortunately, I studied right through it. We do have other games, for example, Spoon Assassins. The object of the game is to tap your assigned person with a spoon, without anyone seeing you. When you get your target, you get their target, and the game keeps going. I have yet to find out who my target is, but when I do, she had better watch out... 

During the meeting, there was a sudden clap of thunder. Most of the California girls jumped, myself included. Everyone from the East Coast laughed and told us it was a normal thing. And while I expected rain to accompany the lightning, I didn't expect for there to be so much. Sharing one umbrella for two people for a three minute walked ended up with my entire left side just getting soaked, and Chrissy's right side the same. I don't consider myself a scaredy-cat, so I was a little surprised to find myself to jumpy with the thunder. However, the rain did cool the weather down, so I was very much appreciative. A night of hanging out and playing cards was the perfect complement to the cooling weather, and a spectacular end to a very crazy week.

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