Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pizza with a Side of Knowledge

As I got ready for class this morning I couldn't help but notice how particularly sunny it was outside. Even the birds were chirping loudly today. I set out for breakfast with a smile on my face because weather.com was wrong again. After breakfast David and I went to class looking forward to another day with our great instructor. 

When class started we first reviewed our homework that was due with our TA, Desi. We went over almost the whole packet in an hour and almost everyones questions were answered. Overall  I feel like I did a good job on the homework (if I may say so myself) which is a great feeling. A little while later Nick Coleman came in and we began today's lecture. First we finished covering unemployment because we had run out of time on Monday. We went over more terms and expanded on items that we had already learned. We then moved on to Chapter 10 which was about Savings and Investment Spending. The main focus for the day though, was in Aggregate Supply and Demand. At this point, Ms. Kaplan had joined our class and was also listening to the lecture. This topic is one of the more difficult topics because there are a lot of little things to remember. We didn't completely finish the topic so hopefully once we get more in depth it will become clearer. 

David Contemplating Life
Later in the day we had a mini study session before heading over to the 2012 Partnership Scholar Pizza Supper. This was a dinner for all students who were here at Summer@Brown through partnership scholarships. Brown is affiliated with over 70 different organizations and will have over 230 students coming this summer. It was really fun to be in a smaller setting and meet everyone. Some of them I already knew or had seen before, and some who were completely new faces. There were students from all over of the country and even a few international students. 

Ying was Extremely Happy After a Great
Meal of Domino's Pizza
After mingling and eating pizza we broke out into small groups and was accompanied by either a Brown student or someone who worked at Brown. The person who joined my group was Joshua Segui who works in the Brown Third World Center. He graduated from Wesleyan University a little over four years ago. Before we talked as a group Joshua and I talked about his experiences at the school our cohort had visited a over a week ago. Eventually we began talking as a group and introduced ourselves. We asked Joshua any of our burning questions that had not yet been answered. He was very helpful and being that he was a first generation college student he had a lot of fascinating things to say. It was interesting to hear his experience applying to 4 schools and getting excepted to all 4. He had never really thought about going to college and only applied as an after thought. We picked his brain about the application process and how he felt about it. We then talked about financial aid and the different options we, as students, have. Lastly we talked about the college experience from the classes you take and the teachers you have to just college life. 

It was really interesting to hear about all of the students different partnership programs. Some of them went to private schools and some to public but everyone was really nice and open. I am very glad we had this dinner because it allowed us to meet a few more students on a personal level and mingle with students who are just like us. Overall it was a great experience and I think Brown should continue to do these Partnership Scholar Suppers.

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