Monday, June 18, 2012

First Day of ... College?

I woke up at 6:00 AM in the morning today because I was so worried that I wouldn’t have time to prepare myself for class. Instead, I was left with a whole hour and a half to spare. I caught up with some TV episodes and flipped through the pages of my Macroeconomics book. When 8:20 finally came around, I flipped my backpack onto my back, carried my book and binder in my hands, and started down for the stairs.

My friends, Sai and Avery, agreed to meet under the stop sign next to our dorms on the cross-section down the street. Halfway down the stairs, I called Ying-An and told him to come join our little group. We made a few wrong turns and sometimes passed some of the streets that we were supposed to turn on. Despite the confusion, we still made it to the Smith-Buonanno building. We decided to be safe with the 15 minutes of spare time we had, and went inside the building to find our room first. Conveniently, it was the first door to the left on the second floor. We dropped some of our invaluable items on our desks to mark our territory. After, we sped towards the dining hall and grabbed some bagels and an apple to-go. 
Rockefeller Library (front door)
The class was a very amazing experience. The rate of the teaching is extremely rapid. We covered one whole chapter today in the span of 3 hours. I also really liked Nicholas Coleman (our instructor). He is really cool, and actually quite younger than I’d expected. When he first walked into the door, I actually thought he was a student. The lectures were very interesting and productive. We had a lot of discussions involving the topics and mini reviews at the end of every checkpoint. I feel really comfortable learning in this environment. I know that the students in my class are competitive, smart, and willing to learn. This prevents me from slacking off, and keeps me on top of my game.

Class was dismissed at 11:50 AM and we headed for lunch. I had a simple and quick meal. Most of the time invested within the dining hall was getting to know some of our classmates and being open to talk. We walked around at first, but decided to get Sai his Brown I.D. so we headed to the building with him. After, we stopped by the Rockefeller Library because Avery loved books. The library was actually a pretty interesting place. It had 4 main floors (1-4) and 3 sub floors (A-C). I was surprised to see so little people that were in the building, but it did help maintain some peace and quiet. 

Shopping with Sai and the guys at Urban Outfitters
After the library and headed back for my dorm. I sat myself down on my chair, and then I realized it was only 3:00 PM, so I decided to call Ying-An and ask if he wanted to go shopping. I personally needed a light bulb for my desk lamp, and Ying-An needed some extra clothes hangers. Sai came along and we met back under the stop sign. We first stopped by CVS pharmacy so I could get a light bulb (which actually cost over $6 for a 13 watt light bulb) and then to the Brown bookstore for Ying-An’s clothes hangers. Luckily, a new shipment had just arrived or else, they would’ve been all out. We also went to some of the other clothes stores to find some good deals. Sadly, there were none. 

The rest of the day ended with Tayler, Kelly, Ying-An, and I going back to Rockefeller Library, because Tayler and Kelly haven’t been there yet before. We had a great time, but I think Kelly got the most fun out of it. The rest of the day consisted of dinner, and a lot of graphing homework from our Macroeconomics class. 

I’ve had a wonderful and very memorable first day taking classes at Brown University. I really could not ask for more except for a few extra hours to do stuff before the sun goes down and curfew becomes minutes away. I’d seriously need to change some of my working schedules from now on in order to balance my school work along with my blogging and still being able to have fun during my stay in Providence. I hope that these improvements will be evident soon, but for now, I’m going to just keep doing my thing, and continue doing my best. With that being said, I am ready to tackle yet another day at Brown University.

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