Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Night Delights

We concluded the second week of class today. Even while microfuging our ligated DNA I felt pangs of dismay, realizing that next week was our last. I'm surprised at how easily I've become attached

It wouldn't be enough to call my relationship with the place and the people unforgettable. My study group and I are inseparable; we play pickup games of frisbee, work out and eat our meals together, and have our own giant table at the Sharpe Refractory. Tonight, we watched the Lorax under the big projector in Salomon Hall. In other words, we do a lot more than studying.

To the great relief of the class, our instructor Jody and TA Colby are great explainers. We went over the essentials of the Central Paper from last night, and discussing the figures really demystified the mind-boggling research results. They were patient as we tried to wrap our heads around protein isoforms in alternative splicing.

I'm so used to the promotion of independent learning here, but it was definitely helpful when Jody pointed out elements we hadn't picked up on before. She's been such a great facilitator, that it's barely noticeable when Jody catalyzes our thought process analysis of ligated plasmid possibilities, again based on electrophoresis. Although we perform different labs every day, we've established routines when it comes down to lab basics.

After dinner, David, Tayler, and I finally checked out Federal Hill by trolley. Its heralders were right, food was everywhere. Music and fresh aromas filled Atwells Avenue, and the atmosphere of banners, eateries, tri-colored striped fire hydrants, was brimming with Italian influence. I savored perhaps the most palatable, mouthwateringly melt-in-your-mouth pastry ever at Pastiche.

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