Monday, June 25, 2012


Today classes recommenced at Brown. From here on out, our classes will only get busier, and time management will be critical. Today Jody opened up the session by telling us that we would be doing some serious multi-tasking: two labs at once! Well, at least the ‘beginnings’ of labs to prepare for later parts. The two labs we worked on today were very closely related: the recombination of antibiotic resistance genes and the transformation of E. coli with recombinant DNA. At one point I made a few mistakes and had to retrace my steps a bit. With so much going on at the same time, it really is hard to keep track of everything. Jody told us that in the lab, knowing what you are doing (what each step means) is crucial to understanding its underlying concepts. If you know the material well, a small mistake shouldn’t set you back too far.

Even after the end of class, I and a handful of other students had to stay behind to finish up the long process. Despite the how long it took, I was feeling pretty accomplished by the time I was cleaning up my bench. That was, until I made it back above-ground, where it was pouring cats and dogs. Caught totally off guard, I had no umbrella on me and was stranded, having to sprint my way to the V-Dub. After a super-quick lunch I formulated a plan of attack for the day.

Today was mostly centered on studying, as the weather didn't permit much else. For a good part of the afternoon David, Nick, Emily, Taylor, and I stayed in the Rockefeller Library, and it was pretty productive. I often feel that I can work more efficiently if there’s even just another person there instead of within the solitary confines of my dorm. Later we assembled another study party in David’s room after dinner.

Here at Brown I’m learning something new every day—whether it be from working in the biotech lab, exploring my unfamiliar surroundings, or meeting and talking with people from all over the world that are my age, and that's what makes me look forward to each new day.

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