Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Roomy Rock

During the school year, I wake up every morning with a reluctance to get out of bed and shower. Here at Brown, I’m up before my alarm even goes off. I take my shower very quickly, then grab breakfast and run to class. Today’s class was the hardest we’ve had yet, in my opinion. Surpluses and deficits all over the place made the lesson hard to follow. Thankfully, I have my cohort to help me out.

When I was younger, I always had my face glued to a book. As I got older, I had less time to really enjoy reading, but libraries will always have a familiar,cozy aura. That said, the Brown library, The Rock, is an interesting mix of new and old. There are millions of texts that are several times older than I am, but at the same time, there are tons of new computers and working spaces that have the newest technology.

When Tayler, David, and I went to the one of the workrooms to finish up our Macro homework, I was quickly distracted by the walls, which were 2/3 covered with whiteboards, supplied with markers. After a couple minutes of doodling, I got serious and powered through the worksheet. Coming into the course, I really wasn’t sure what to expect; there were no prerequisite classes, but I felt that I could walk in to class and very quickly fall behind. I so relieved haven’t felt that start to happen. However, I know that if it ever does (knock on wood) I can go to either Nick or Desi and get all the help I need.

After completing the problems, I went with a couple of friends to the NBA finals showing, which was in a huge lecture hall. I’m not the kind of person who pretends to have a huge investment in things they don’t really care about, so I won’t lie and tell you that the way the basketball (it is basketball, right?) game ended really mattered to me. What I did love was that so many people came to the hall, and the energy was so fun. Of course, it’s sports, so there was some heckling, but watching even the summer community bond over something as confusing as touchdowns and free throws is such an amazing experience. 

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