Friday, June 29, 2012

Your Future, Your Hands

We have completed another week of class here at Brown U. In today's class we covered our last two new concepts, Foreign Exchange and the Philip's Curve. We've already made it through everything we needed to cover in order to do well on our final. Next week will consist of computer lab, a day of topics of our choice, a day off, the final, and then our final presentations. We are nearing the end of our trip and it's actually a frightening notion. After all the planning and countless hours of effort and support put  in by everyone who made it possible for me to be here, its almost over.

The Smiles of Champions
On a happier note, after class I took a quick nap before walking the streets of Thayer with Kelly and checking out the interesting street vendors. After a couple of hours we met up with our cohort and headed to Rick's Roadhouse. We had been here before but this time it was different. Nick, Ying, and I decided to officially take the challenge of devouring some of the spiciest wings ever. With six wings on our plate and a cup full of milk we readily took the challenge and all completed it with flying colors. After cheers and lots of pictures, I really felt accomplished. Not because I had just crushed the challenge but because the whole experience reminded me of my time with the ILC. Challenge after challenge I have readily accepted. And each time, I pe to the best of my abilities and succeeded. From taking the first steps to joining the ILC, to forcing myself to branch out and meet new people at Brown. This has all been a challenge and a journey that I am thrilled to be apart of.

After all the incitement, I headed over to Salomon Hall to participate in one of Brown's scheduled activities. Tonight's activity was a movie night. Originally the movie was Sherlock Holmes but at the last minute they changed the movie to The Lorax which I did not mind at all. The Lorax is about a town where everything is fake and plastic. The main character sets out on a journey to bring trees back to his home. On his way he runs in to challenges but he keeps going. Eventually he is successful and the movie ends with a quote about taking initiative.

I found it pretty interesting that the movie we watched related so much to what I have been learning during my time on the East Coast. Life isn't just about skating by. If you want something you have to go for it. I owe a lot of the lessons I've learned to the ILC because it has taught me to strive for the best. Everything in life is up to you, and you have to be willing to take the chances.

Tomorrow we head off to Boston for another day of exploring and fun with the wonderful people I've met at Summer@Brown and I absolutely cannot wait.

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