Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Sweet Brown

After a long night of repacking, I finally got settled into sleep and before I knew it the alarm was ringing again. I was really excited to begin the day because this was the day we were going to Brown. Today was the day we would meet hundreds of new people and get settled into our dorms. After breakfast at the Small Point Cafe again, we head off to Brown to begin the adventure we had all been waiting for. It was a really nice day to begin our journey, for the weather had been in our favor. We all lugged our suitcases to campus and checked in with Brown students. We each got a stamp and then put our bags into the check-in so that we didn't have to haul them around while we figured things out. We got our room keys, lanyards, IDs, maps, and class information before we headed off to find our dorms. 

We are all in the same dorm center except for Emily. The rest of us are in the Grad Center but in different buildings and on different floors. I am in Grad Center B, on the third floor. The entire Grad Center isn't very pleasing to look at. I found out today that these buildings were built in the 60's by an architect who use to built prisons before coming to Brown to design the Grad Center. It was built to completely shut down in case of a riot which was popular in the 60's at Brown. But now these buildings still stand and is where I will reside for the rest of my Brown experience. 

Froyo World !
Every room in the Grad Center is a single. So unfortunately, I didn't get the roommate like I had hoped. But I have already started to bond with the people on my floor. We actually already went to get FroYo (frozen yogurt) on Thayer St. They all are really nice and are from a variety of places including Florida, Ohio, New York, Mexico, Turkey, India, and Singapore.

After a tour and orientation the cohort, Ms. Kaplan, and Mr. Crosby went to eat our last lunch together before Mr. Crosby had to leave. Mr. Crosby was wonderful this past week from his helpful travel tips to driving us everywhere this past week. Thank you for everything Mr. Crosby!

Dorm Door Cards. Grad Center Bees!
After we left Ms.Kaplan and Mr. Crosby, we headed back to campus and spent a while in our dorms before heading out to the student orientation. At the orientation we learned more important things that we should know for the duration of our stay at Brown. We were then separated and sent outside with our floor groups. Once outside we planned a few ice breakers before going on another tour to see more specific buildings around the campus. We then made it to the dinning hall and after playing yet another ice breaker we ate. Since I had a big lunch I wasn't that hungry so I didn't have much to eat. I then hung out with a couple of my floor mates as we explored Thayer St. Next up was the Ice Cream Social where everyone got a chance to, just like the name implies, eat ice cream and socialize. 

At nine o'clock our whole floor met with our RA, Rachel, and went over rules including curfew and summer@brown policies. Tomorrow we will at last start our classes. I am both nervous and excited for what lies ahead and ready for this adventure to really begin.

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