Saturday, June 23, 2012

People Pool Reflection

Via our trip to Newport, we experienced an extra taste of college independence. I also bonded with and learned so much more about the interesting people around us from truly diverse backgrounds.

While many are from privilege and private institutions, as we've previously mentioned, a large portion come from international schools. Our well-connected and worldly-wise counterparts speak perfect accent-free English in addition to at least two other tongues. In the most common cases, they were born in the states before relocating to places like Hong Kong or India. To them, the world seems small as they amazingly have friends from Bombay to Seattle, to Danville and Orinda.

Brown is full of multi-talented and multi-faceted personalities. From an impromptu beach volleyball game you meet team captains, state champions, and students with a passion for everything they do. One of my running buddies and class mates, Sarah, is one of the many Brown summer students who frequent the music building's practice rooms to play flute, viola, french horn, or piano.

Whether it's chit-chatting in line for frozen lemonade, playing cards on the beach, or charging into the ocean together, these people are easy to connect with and eager to share. Their stories make for the most interesting conversations.

When choosing a school, the people with the greatest credibility always tell me it comes down to the people. While I may just be barely dipping my toes into this preview of the Brown community, it's easy to understand why people like Emma Watson and the 4,800 other incredible undergrads here would want to dive in head first.

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