Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fun Day

David, Ying, Kelly and Niky touching
the Fountain
As I headed to breakfast with my floor mate Ines, who is an international student from Mexico, I couldn't help but notice how nice the day was since  I was sure it would be raining by the time I woke up. I still had brought my umbrella just in case a surprise rain attack appeared. Today in class we discussed the basics of financial crises that had occurred and learned some vocabulary words that we might have heard but didn't always know what they meant. This was my favorite lecture so far. It was very interesting to learn things I had always wondered about but never knew. From learning about Ponzi Schemes to Credit Default Swaps, we covered a broad array of topics. We learned exactly what short selling was and the difference between bonds and loans. Overall it was a very interesting lecture. After the lecture our TA, Desi, went over the homework that was due and she answered a lot of the questions I had. We then got a solutions packet and our new homework that is due on Tuesday. 

Gyro Pocket 
After we had lunch, Kelly, Ying, David, and our friend Niky from Oregon went about exploring the campus. We discovered a really cool water fountain behind the Main Green. After spending a short time there we played a game of spoons on the Green and walked around the campus for as long as we could handle until the heat sent us to retire into our rooms. A while later me and Kelly met up to explore Thayer Street and find somewhere to eat. As we made it through the now sprinkling rain, the first place we stopped at was Antonio's Pizza. I had a pesto, portobello, spinach, and blue cheese pizza, which was one of the best pieces of pizza I have ever had. Afterwards we were still hungry so we went to the near by falafel place. I had a delicious gyro pocket but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I had a hard time even getting half way through. After we were done pigging out, we went to a local store and did a little shopping and then headed to Urban Outfitters (the only one in all of Rhode Island) and shopped some more. After stacking up on water for our rooms we headed to Grad Center E to sit in air conditioning until it was time for bed. 

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