Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vanishing Act

Despite ominous thunder warnings, I boarded the bus along with hundreds of other Summer@Brown students this morning to head to Newport, Rhode Island. I was really nervous about the weather and was afraid that the rain would put a damper on the days plan but luckily for us the day turned out beautifully. After brunch at Diego's in Newport, we headed to the beach for some fun in the sun. After walking a mile in the hot sun and ducking for the cover of the shade whenever possible, we finally made it to Easton's beach.We spent a few hours there and hung out with a lot of people from all over the world. We even met another person who lives near the Bay Area. We talked to a student from Hong Kong and discussed the differences between the US and Hong Kong like the area and the people. The beach was a lot of fun. We swam, played volleyball, and even swung on the swings. Overall it was a great day.
Niky, Kelly and I at Easton's Beach
Once we got back to Brown we had to quickly shower to make it to our meeting point to head off to dinner with Ms. Kaplan. We ate at Rick's Roadhouse which is famous for its pulled pork. We order the spiciest wings to share. Things wings are extremely hot and there is even a challenge to see who can finish the plate of all six wings. After eating them and then nurturing our flaming tongues, we ate dinner and enjoyed each other's company. 

After dinner we went to Providence's WaterFire show. WaterFire is a summer event which attracts large crowds and many vendors for a night of fun on the canal. We sat next to a man who turned out to be a magician. He showed us many awesome card tricks that left all of our mouths wide open. Trick by trick I was in awe as I tried to find answers for things I could not explain. We were fascinated by how developed his talent was. It was a pretty cool experience.

Pre-WaterFire Show
As for the show, it was amazing. It was a beautiful night with, thankfully, no rain. Seeing how the fire sits on the water is truly a wonderful experience that every one should try at least once . The blocked off streets were lined with food trucks and a lot of people. There were also a couple of mines who were performing for large crowds. The entertainment for the night included a wide variety of music, a flame twirler, and a man dressed up as a pirate who threw flowers into the audience. Before the show they had dance lessons, a scavenger hunt and even gave out free cups that light up.

After lots of laughs and a rain free day, it was time to head back to campus and prepare ourselves for the next day at Brown. Tomorrow, new students will be arriving from all over the world to start the program. It will be very cool to see where all of theses students are from and what classes they will be taking. 

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