Sunday, June 24, 2012


The first day of really getting to unwind! After getting a care package from my family yesterday, I snacked my way through breakfast (I'll need to work that off when I get home) and went back to the V-dub for lunch. 

When I got back to my room from lunch, I sat on my bed until I realized that my roommates things were gone. Though we had had no conflicts, she had spoken before about moving to a single, because she was uncomfortable being around a lot of people. I had felt that vibe from her before, so whenever I did have a couple friends over, we would leave as soon as my roommate got back. However, she told me that she felt like she was impeding on my ability to expand my social circle, so she still requested to change. 

Honestly, I would have loved to have her continue to stay with me, because it did seem like we were getting along. I would not have minded staying out of my room when guys were with me, but her uncomfortableness around males was something that could not be overcome. And while I am disappointed that we won't spend as much time together, I did get to learn a lot about Turkey's customs and schools, and I'm sure I'll be able to see her around campus. 

I also worked on home work for a good portion of the day. Due Tuesday, the homework required us to read the book to find out things we didn't go over in class. Learning this way has only happened a few times during my high school career, and I always complain when it does. "Why do we have teachers if they're not going to teach?" was my fundamental argument. I still do believe that,in high school, teachers should teach all the material that students will be tested on; while taking a college class, though, it feels right to be learning and reading on my own. I know that in this upcoming school year, in my AP classes, I'll get teachers who will say that we'll be treated like college students. I'm excited to compare their class to my Macroeconomics course, and see all the similarities and differences.

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