Thursday, June 21, 2012

Macro Powwow

When I woke up this morning I could already feel the heat rising from the earth before stepping out of bed. Okay maybe that is a little dramatic but today was defiantly another hot day. As Kelly and I made our way to breakfast our main goal was too beat the heat so we walked in as much shade as possible and relished in even the slightest breeze. After a breakfast of French toast at the VDubb with some of my new friends, I headed off to class. Today in class we discussed Long-Run Economic Growth, The Aggregate Production Function and the Cobb-Douglas Production Function. I have to admit today's topics were challenging. We learned a lot of formulas in a short amount of time with many different variables to remember. This topic is something I have to defiantly make sure to study. 

Awesome Food Truck
After class I had lunch at the famed Korean BBQ food truck : Mama Kim's. It was beyond delicious and Libby Heimark (The Brown alumni I sat with at the Brown Boulevard dinner) was absolutely correct. We then headed to the Brown Bookstore where we finished our lunch and got a break from the humidity. We worked on homework and studied for about 5 hours. With a combination of reading, doing tonight's homework, and reviewing today's lesson there wasn't a dull moment in our fantastic study session. After such a long time studying we were extremely hungry and headed off to have a VDubb dinner.
Studying in the Library

At dinner we ran into a few girls from our Macro class and discussed today's lecture. After dinner David and I, along with Piper a girl who grew up in Hong Kong but lives in Michigan, headed off in search of a quiet place to do our homework. We ended up on the Main Green where we found a nice plot of grass and cracked open our books. Soon Emily came to join us right before Piper had to leave. When she left we went to the Rockefeller Library to escape the constant swarms of gnats. After asking the front desk if there was a study room we could use we were directed to back of the library where we found many empty rooms with enormous glass walls. We crammed in as much as we could and helped each other out on a few problems one of us didn't understand. At around 9 we headed to David's dorm to finish up our homework session. Finally we had finished our homework and headed of to bed to get ready for another day here at Brown U. 

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