Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creativity at its Best

We have officially made it a whole week at summer at Brown. It's crazy how fast the time seemed to go. We have been away from the Bay Area for almost two weeks now and I am still having as great of a time as I did the very first day. 

Today, Kelly, Ying, David, Ms. Kaplan, and I went to the RISD Museum. RISD is the Rhode Island School of Design that is a very prominent school in that field. We toured the museum for a couple of hours and had a great time. All of the art work was so different and unique. There was a range from paintings, sculptures,furniture,videos, textiles, and even a 9-foot Buddha. The part that I really loved was the Pendleton House which was a display of Charles L. Pendleton's collection of furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries. It was really cool to see how varied the furniture pieces were. After touring the museum, we went to the RISD gift shop. There, they sell items that were all created by RISD alumni. The items were all so unique and creative. Most of it you wouldn't see in a typical museum gift shop. We spent a lot of time in there before we had to return back to campus.

We then all decided that we wanted to get our ILC funded sweatshirts. We met up with Nick and Emily and went to the Brown Bookstore. We all were trying on different sweatshirts and running around making sure we hadn't missed out on any. I finally made my choice and am very satisfied with the one I chose. Afterwards we headed to the VDubb dinner. 

After dinner we had a study session in Emily's room which had enough space for all of us to sit comfortable. We had tried two other places on campus but everything seemed to either not be open or closed early on Sundays. Anyway, we all worked on homework together and helped each other out with questions that weren't understood. This packet is due on Tuesday so we will defiantly have to meet up again tomorrow to continue our session.

When studying session for the night came to an end, I branched out and met a lot of new people. Some were 3 week-ers, like myself, who I just hadn't meet before and others were new students who had just arrived today. Chelsea, a girl from Michigan who is only doing one week at Brown, has a class from 9-5 so her program will be pretty intense. Of course everyone was really nice and easy to get along with. After a quick game of sardines (the opposite of hide and seek) with new found friends, it was time to head off to bead and prepare for the next day.

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