Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blistering Brown

This morning I had a hard time deciding what to wear because today was finally the day we would experience real "East Coast Summer Weather" during our time in Providence. It was set to be a humid day reaching temperatures over 90. I had breakfast with a girl from Oregon named Nicky who is taking neuroscience. Her class seems pretty fun even though it is something I would have never thought of taking. As a I headed to class this morning I anticipated another day of class with our awesome instructor Nick Coleman. Today in class we discussed Supply and Demand with more of a focus on the supply side.  We had a very engaging class today. Many students went up to the board and worked out problems from the worksheet that had been handed out. It was really helpful to have someone besides just our teacher work through some of the problems. I love that our class is so interactive and that you don't have to be afraid to ask questions or make a statement. We then went into Supply and Demand dealing with International Trade. We actually got all the way to Chapter 5 today in class so it was a very busy day filled with learning. Next week our plan is to learn more about the "macro" side of economics. I am really looking forward to this--especially the part of being able to see how different country’s various economic variables work together.

After class I had lunch with a couple of David's friends. One of them was from Canada and the other was from Washington, D.C. and is actually in my class. We were comparing our home towns and it was very interesting how many differences and similarities we had even though we all live thousands of  miles apart. After lunch Ying, David, and I went to the Brown Bookstore and browsed the many selections. We were trying to escape the hot humid air of today's 90 degree weather. After spending two hours in the book store it was time to head off to meet Ms. Kaplan. Instead of meeting at the Shark Cafe like originally planned, we went to a nearby Starbucks so that we would be able to hear ourselves think. We all told Ms. Kaplan how we felt about our classes over frappuccinos and ice teas. We planned our trip to see Providence's Water-Fire show which is on the "must-do-before-we-leave-Providence" list.

Kelly, Ying, David, and I then had a study session in a private room in the Grad Center Gym. We helped each other on homework and planned our course of action for the rest of the day. After about 2 hours of studying we headed off to dinner. We sat with Anna, a girl from Tennessee who is taking a design class, and Jack, who is from New York and is taking Techniques in DNA Based Biotechnology with Ying and Kelly. After a great meal and awesome conversation we headed back to our dorms. On the way we stopped at a little shop filled with all different kinds of trinkets. The store owner, after asking if were here for Summer@Brown, actually gave us all feathers as a way of welcoming us to Providence.

Everyone here in Providence is really nice and are all really open. There would be no need to sit alone at any meal or walk to class alone because at any given time in the day you can meet a new person very easily. That's what I like most about Summer@Brown, the friendliness. All of the students are curious and eager to learn which is a great environment to be in. Even though it will be even hotter and more humid tomorrow, I can't wait to see what the day has in store.

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  1. It’s very heartening, Tayler, to read your comments about the friendliness of Providence and how easy it is to hook up with complete strangers. This last part is extremely encouraging. Knowing that you’re all willing to extend tour reach beyond your comfort zone is what life’s all about. This can be a big plus in your favor as you finish high school and move on to college full time.

    I’m amused when you wrote about switching from Shark’s to Starbucks because of the noise. I’ve always found Starbucks to be so loud what with the people and the grinding of coffee beans.