Monday, June 18, 2012

The Beginning

My half of the room! Can you tell I'm already getting comfortable?
FACT: the tile floors are killer in the morning, socks are always a must.
Today was the first day of class! Terrified I wouldn’t have time to shower, I made sure to wake up early enough so that I could definitely have one. It honestly wasn’t an awesome experience; the water had a two-minute window where it was actually hot, but it gave me a realistic insight to what the rest of college is going to be like.

After having breakfast with a bunch of friends, Nick, Tayler, and I walked to the Smitty-B (where our class is), which is thankfully near the V-dub (the dining hall). Our class is pretty small, only around 20 people. Of course, this size is huge to some of the private school kids, but I think it’s awesome to be able to get so much personal attention.

The class started off with just an outline of what we’re going to be going over in the class, and the one group presentation and partner test we’re going to have at the end of the three weeks. Nick Coleman, our teacher, seems really cool and easy to talk to, and the same goes for Desi, the TA. We jumped right into the course, going over the basic theories and principles of macroeconomics, and a few definitions. I’m already really excited to learn even more as the weeks go by.

A view of the Brown campus at night, from my dorm. 
We were assigned some homework, but not a lot, so the rest of my day consisted of laundry, a nap, hanging out, and studying. 


  1. Emily,


    Isn’t it a bit eye opening to see the reaction of some of your classmates about the size of your class? While they see it as a huge class, you see it as refreshingly small.

    Your comments about your shower are similar. You’re used to having plenty of hot water for your showers and the intermittent warmth of your shower water is an issue of minor concern for you while others reading your blog might envy the fact that you have so much hot water in these showers.

    Everything’s relative, Emily.

    By the way, I was on an expedition ship for four weeks where the availability of fresh water was extremely limited. It wasn’t hot water that was the issue--it was just water. We were limited to a 2 minute shower PER DAY. The showers even had special valves that would only allow 2 minutes worth of water in a 24 hour period. We had to learn to wet ourselves, soap ourselves and then rinse very quickly--and then hope we didn’t get dirty enough that a second shower might be necessary before the next day.

    Everything’s relative, Emily.

  2. I'm so glad you've decided to show us the inside of your dorm. Now we have an idea of what to expect in a few weeks.

    Thank you!