Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here's to New Experiences

After much anticipation, today we finally got to go to Boston. David, Kelly, and I woke up early to eat breakfast at the Ratty. Unfortunately, it is closed on weekends so instead we headed to Starbucks and waited in a long line because apparently, everyone had the same idea. When we got back it was time for us to begin boarding buses. Kelly and I boarded bus five along with a group of girls who are in her class. They were all really nice and welcoming to me. They are all from different parts of the United States, like Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois. After the long ride we finally made it to Boston where the temperature was steadily rising.

Quincy Market
The first thing we did was walk to Faneuil Hall Marketplace which was one of the first places merchants were able to come together and sell their goods (like supermarkets) in colonial times. Inside, there were a ton of different food stalls and even though I wasn't hungry yet, my eyes said otherwise. We then continued to walk around the surrounding area of the marketplace and checked out all of the different shops nearby. At 12 we ate lunch after scoring a table which is nearly impossible in such a busy place. 

After eating, we walked to the "T" train station and headed to Newbury Street. When buying the ticket I had a few technically difficulties but a nice Boston native was able to help me and send me on my way. The trains in Boston are fairly similar to BART with minor differences. To me personally, the train in Boston is a lot nosier and less stable because of the continuous turns throughout the tunnel.

Eventually we reached our destination and began exploring the land of Newbury. The streets were lined with store after store. There were so many different little stores and even major chains that it was hard to decide where to go in our two hour window. It was a very interesting shopping with these girls. Many of them are from affluent backgrounds so the high prices didn't seem to tip the off. Things they thought were a "good deal", was an arm and a leg to me. I didn't mind though and I enjoyed the  imaginary shopping in my head.

After tons of shopping and tons of breaks because of the sourcing sun, it was time to head back to the "T" and make our way to bus number five. The train back was really crowded but we all made it back safe and sound. Once we boarded our bus, it was a straight shoot to Providence.

I had a great time in Boston today. And while originally I believed that I didn't want to live in Boston because there was too much congestion, today gave me a new prospective on the city. It is definitely something I will have to consider when searching for colleges. But for now, I will continue to enjoy the rest of my stay at Brown. 

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