Monday, June 18, 2012

Exploring the World, One Class at a Time

Today marked the first day of classes here at Brown U. After getting dressed and ready for class, I headed off to the VDubb (the dining hall) to grab some breakfast with Kelly. This morning I had tater tots, pancakes, and sausage. The meal was what you would expect from a dinning hall: nothing too great, nothing too bad. After breakfast I met up with Emily and Nick and we went to our Macroeconomics course in the Smith-Buonano Hall, or better known as "Smitty-B".

Going into class I was really nervous. I didn't know what to expect. I had a swarm of questions running through my head as we took our seats. Our instructor's name is Nick Coleman. He is a fifth year PhD student studying economics. He introduced himself to the class and had us all go around and make introductions also. There are only around 20 people in my class but everyone is from a variety of places including : Turkey, Hong Kong, Greece, Italy and more. It'll be pretty interesting to see how everyone will work together during the class sessions. 

We then learned about class policies and the flow of the course for the next three weeks. It seems like a pretty easy going class. Nick C assured us that anyone can take something away from this even if they aren't as informed in the field as others. We talked about our group project and the exam briefly and then he started the lecture. The material we covered today was very interesting. With everything from basic vocabulary that we will need to know to more in depth conversations about efficiency and equity. The thing I was most nervous about was not being able to understand what the instructor said. Luckily, Nick is a great teacher and explains things very well (even if he does turn the slides a little fast). There was also a lot of interaction throughout our the class. Many students were raising their hands and shouting out answers. I thought that it was pretty cool to have other students in the class that are just as enthusiastic as I am. I am really excited about this class and even though our instructor is pretty laid back, I know that we will get a lot out of this course. After a very interesting lecture and class discussions, we were excused from class and left to enjoy our day.

After another meal at the VDubb, I ventured out with Kelly and later David and Ying-An and explored the lovely Brown campus. We went to one of the libraries on campus and explored the floors and floors of books available. Kelly and I then went to the yoga class offered here at summer@brown. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again. 

We had dinner once again in the VDubb and after a couple of detours, headed back to our dorms. I worked on my assigned homework for the class with David and we helped each other out with a few problems one of us didn't understand. I look forward to continuing Macroeconomics for the duration of the 3 weeks and continuing to meet fabulous new people.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you’ve got a pretty sweet deal going on here.

    Your instructor sounds like a great teacher, the class size is relatively small, the information understandable, an extraordinary assortment of classmates from all over the globe, a nice place to live, some wonderful exercise opportunities and “great” dorm food.

    College wasn’t like that when I went to school. Not like that at all.