Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharing the Rock Like Rondo

Today the other Brownies and I went back to the salt mines, returning to class after a relaxing weekend. I had my first complete mental lapse of the trip last night, when I somehow managed to set my alarm for 7 PM, not AM. I woke up extra early somehow, and seeing that I had 40 minutes until I wanted to wake up, at 7 AM, I decided I'd take a quick nap before my alarm woke me up. Unfortunately, the alarm I was counting on never sounded, and I woke up at 7:47 in an absolute panic. Even though class starts at 9:00, I normally leave the dorm with guys from my floor at 8:00, and had to take what felt like a 10 second shower (but actually clocked in at like 8 minutes, there's a limit to how quickly I can move seconds after waking up. I sprinted around my room gathering my belongings, and somehow managed to be fully ready by 7:58. 
Immediately I became worried about today's class, when Nick, our usually positive teacher, told us that honestly today's lecture would be boring, but important terms needed to be learned, and so we reviewed three whole chapters in under three hours. I was afraid that a lot of the material was over my head, and my focus was certainly impaired thanks to a thunderstorm that occurred in the middle of class (and it wasn't just me, Nick stopped his lecture a couple of times to marvel at the downpour right outside our window. None of the Macroeconomics ILCers wanted to walk too far in the pouring rain, and so we all decided it was the perfect time to head over to the Rock and attempt to finish as much of the homework due tomorrow as possible. 
The Rock was open today, we just chose the worst possible time to stop by yesterday, and what David had told me about the Rock's study rooms was much more accurate than I expected (not to say I don't trust David, I just couldn't believe any study room could be as interesting as the one he originally described). I was able to retain my focus longer in the Rock than I could at my dorm, and was able to finish what appeared to be five hours of homework in just two, and at 4:00 I was headed back to the gym, hoping for an energy boost in preparation for a long day tomorrow. I can't wait for another day of Macroeconomics, since if today's so-called boring lesson was still fascinating to me, I doubt we will bring up a topic I won't find interesting for the remainder of the course, a fact that makes me ecstatic about Economics as a whole, and as a potential major. 
Oh, on the home front, I have recently been informed that the Shebek tribe is now engaged in a turf war with an army of hundreds of bees, who have somehow made it into a part of the wall surrounding my front yard. I just thought I would share that tidbit, since that is by far the most interesting thing that I remember ever happening at my house, and of course it had to happen over the month I'm out of town. The thought of hundreds of bees circling around me is able to help prevent me from getting homesick, so I do have that to owe to the bees.

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