Sunday, June 24, 2012

A True Weekend

Brown's campus is pretty empty on a Sunday morning. After brunch at the V-Dub, I'm looking forward to the opening of the Rattie, the dining hall across the block and less of a hike from the dorms. We're optimistic despite being warned about the food. It led to a discussion later today, and while I will refrain from making college choices based on food, Ms. Kaplan has pointed it out as a relevant factor.

While it's impossible to sample all the cafeterias in the college decision process, I did make some judgments of the campuses I've dined in. CSU East Bay was surprising fantastic. Cornell was pretty good, especially the signature scooped ice cream. Of Brown, I will say this: the offerings on Thayer street are outstanding, but I'm afraid they would quickly bankrupt me.

Studying in my favorite spot in Lincoln Field beneath the shade of a witchhazel was adjourned by an invite from Ms. Kaplan for some historic Providence sightseeing. We wound up at RISD's art museum, which was fascinating in all its facets. For the second time of the day, we were informed about RISD's dual degree program with Brown. Highly selective, this route provides aspiring artists with access to courses at both campuses and two different environments.

Everything was all business afterwards. I pulled out my electrophoresis scans and DNA drawings for crunch time in Emily's room. I find myself a more effective worker around other people. It seems counterintuitive to an individual's ability to focus, but perhaps the presence of other people trying just as hard to finish rubs off on me. I enjoy the small welcome distractions, and being able to run things by other people.

Luckily, I finished my homework packet early. Sadly it was too late for the ice cream social, but there was time left to mingle. Welcoming some new arrivals to Summer at Brown made me think of the Session 2 students, our eventual departure, and the 7-weekers who will have toe make new friends. Everyone takes away a different experience.

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