Friday, June 1, 2012

The Last Step

Stuck in rush-hour traffic wasn’t exactly part of my plan for today’s orientation. It was 6:15 and I was still on the freeway with my mom, worried sick about being late. Somehow, everything turned out fine and we managed to arrive at Pinole Middle School ten minutes early! This orientation would be the last step of the process before our trips to the East Coast, to make sure that we were prepared for anything (well, almost). The orientation started with emphasis on the importance of punctuality (as always). The chaperones were introduced, and Don briefed us on logistics of the trips, as well as what to pack and loaner items provided by the program. Then we had breakout sessions with our respective cohorts where we discussed the itinerary in detail, and concerns that we might have had. By general consensus, it was a highly productive and efficient meeting, in that we ended on time.
The chaperones
Being part of the first cohort to leave (in just twelve days!), I could not be more excited yet nervous. Even though we try to prepare for everything, there is always the possibility of the unexpected, such as the huge plane delay encountered by 2010 ILCers in Chicago. The point being, we should expect the unexpected, just like Terilyn Chen mentioned in her speech at the school board meeting. I was also enlightened by the ”job” concept introduced by Ms. Kronenberg. My goal is not only to keep my job, but also to excel and bring back something valuable to share with others. I’d like to thank Don, Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, and everyone else who have helped us to come this far. When Mr. Ramsey congratulated us at the end I felt that I was truly on my way.
I'm ready to get on that plane!

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