Saturday, June 2, 2012

Orientation and Off

On Thursday evening, the Ivy League Connection held its last meeting before everyone ships off to their respective Ivy League schools. The orientation was very helpful last year, since I received a great deal of tips regarding the little things I might want to bring with me back East. This orientation started off with the introduction of all the chaperones, and after hearing all of them give brief speeches about themselves, I can say that Ms. Kaplan is far and away the best, and can't wait for her to lead us around Providence.

After the chaperones were introduced, Don went through his list of stuff to bring and loaner items he would be lending out at his bazaar the night each cohort departs. This was a really helpful refresher, as I had forgotten some of the major things I would want to bring, such as Ethernet cables. Don also reminded me of the only part of the ILC I can't stand, the 3 A.M. picture of the cohort on departure day. I'm not much of a morning person, but being up and about at 3 o'clock is fine for travel purposes, as long as I'm able to drag slowly around for a few hours before I wake up. Repeated flashes of a camera at 3 in the morning isn't too much fun for me, and I had somehow been able to erase the photo taking last year from memory, only to be reminded just 12 days till our departure. Other than that flashback-triggering instant though, the orientation went great; we were able to review our itinerary with Ms. Kaplan, Mr. Crosby gave us all great travel advice, and Mr. Ramsey ended the meeting telling us we did it and now all we have left is to head off to our universities. This year's orientation, like last year's, made me realize just how soon we would be leaving, but the next week and a half will still be the longest of my life.

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  1. You cut me to the quick, Nick, with your comments about the group photo taken prior to your departure. I LOVE snapping shots of our ILCers with that "tell me again why we're here so early" look.