Saturday, June 2, 2012

Countdown to Brown

Can anyone believe it's ten days before takeoff? Wrapping up a whirlwind week, probably the busiest I've had all junior year (at least until our departure next week and the 4 college visits in 3 days), it's been just as tooth and nail to keep the excitement at bay, as I fight off sleep to scramble with three essays, six finals projects, and SAT 2's.

My belated blogging will be my respite. Tomorrow kicks off packing day, and thanks to Don's thoroughness, comprehensive display, and memorable presentation, all of us will be well-prepared this summer after Orientation. The welcome refresher covered loaner items, travel tips, dorm living, our status as reflections of the ILC and WCCUSD, and all the essential reinforcements.

I held our finalized travel itinerary in my hands, as I listened to Ms. Kaplan's overview during the breakout session. It hit me then- the 5 campuses to discover, the unforgettable people along the way, and the fun we're going to have together, even on the three hour drives. It suddenly became as real as the checklist I had in hand. Mr. Ramsey's closing remarks really brought it home for me. Except, with so much more to come, this wasn't just it.

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  1. This should be old hat to you, Kelly. You and a few others have the experience garnered from your participation as ILCers last year so this isn't anything new for you. Easy enough to say but harder to live. Of course you're nervous and excited at the same time.