Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Orientation - Count Down Mode

The orientation meeting with students and parents was very useful. We got some ideas about traveling and packing. I keep checking my pack list to see what needs to be added and what can be taken off. I mentioned before that I put everything into a small roller bag as a collecting point. The roller bag also gives me a good idea about just how much STUFF I'm taking. This also helps me determine which bag I will end up taking as a check on. I'm also reconsidering which computer bag I use as a carry-on.

I strongly recommend that you students pack a couple of days early, see how much it weighs and how much space is taken up, or left over depending on your point of view (half empty/half full). Remember try to limit your check on 40-42 pounds.

I also recommend that students check out the weather channel a couple of days before we depart. see what the weather forecast is. I noticed yesterday that thunder storms were rolling up the east coast, from New York City right through Provident heading to Boston. These are usually quick moving storms that rain for a few minutes or an hour and then move on. You should carry your umbrella at all times.

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  1. Good advice, John, from someone with experience at traveling.