Monday, June 11, 2012


I would say that I'm overflowing with excitement for Brown, but I'm afraid my bursting suitcase beat me to it. 

I've spent the morning sitting on it, reading through my old AP review guide for a quick Biotech refresher. Thankfully, as per Mr. Crosby's tip on packing ahead, I'm all prepped and quadruple-checked; zipping up has been the issue. After my mad dash through Target yielded bargain finds including sheets and a mini fan, I've had to upgrade to a bigger suitcase twice and count my parents' support among my blessings.

Even the second time around, it's so surreal how everything's zipping by so fast. Summer@Brown's orientation schedule just came in, and after hearing about the highlights for so long, I can't tell you how stoked I am for ice cream and Twister at College Green, Waterfire on summer nights, and Canal Street Italian food. 

There will definitely be no shortage of interesting experiences to fill my postcards home. For my friends and I, my early departure is a bit bittersweet, as school has just let out and we're off- but there'll be plenty of summer left for hangout traditions, sleeping in, and the Common Application. For now, I get to sit on my suitcase and wait for this amazing adventure to kick off my summer. If just waiting is this difficult, then I can't imagine sleeping!

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  1. Let me get this straight--do you east the ice cream at the same time as you play Twister? That might be interesting.

    One the one hand, I want you all to have a great adventure. But on the other hand, shouldn't at least one of you mention the classes you'll be taking? Oh well...