Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Elder Envy

a true Yalie
What a fantastic --- even if tiring --- day! The most difficlut aspect of the job of chaperone is visiting colleges. You might wonder why this is so. It's not the drive, the long and slow walks, or even the sometimes repetitive information sessions. It is the knowledge that you really cannot apply to one of these schools. Both John Crosby and I were ready to sign up for Wesleyan. As this is a very late night, with an early morning coming, I will only say that much  --- details to follow. We followed Wesleyan with a tour of Yale. Once again, it made us think large. and this was in a constant downpour. The finale of the evnening as a dinner in Providence with 5 Yale alums --- what stories! But those too will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Dartmouth, and I am seriously hoping that it won't be as tantalizing --- this is hard to take as an elder!

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  1. Sewellyn,

    Great photos. Someone will have to tell us about the poncho being worn in the one photo, though.