Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three Thousand Miles: Making My Way Browntown

Today was not the long day I expected. When I left the house at 2 AM this morning I, fully anticipating a draining day of travel hustle and bustle, made a pit-stop with a morning pick-me-up at Mel's Diner. However, by the time we'd weighed in our luggage, snapped photos, said our goodbyes, and filed into the airport shuttle, my early pangs of excitement were overwhelmed by drowsiness. The ride to SFO felt considerably shortened by a quick snooze. 

Honestly the longest part of the day was waiting for Southwest’s baggage checking to open half an hour late at 4:30 AM in front of the ironic “It’s go time!” logo. Zombie-ing through SFO, I couldn’t believe it was still dark outside as we prepared to board--our friends and family were still in bed. With liftoff at sunrise, the Brownies officially left behind the Bay Area and I, the tragedy of my BBQ chicken burger forgotten on a cold leather airport lounge chair, I comfortably knocked out the entire flight to Denver. 

During our layover, we thankfully stuck together through the scramble. Denver was impressionable from the airy atrium of the mile-high airport to the overwhelming flurry of packed gates and lines of impatient passengers. Smooth sailing ensued on the second leg of our journey to Providence. I spent the flight vacillating between naptime and Good Will Hunting. 

Upon landing, Providence's abundant greenery had me taken aback. I imagined the breathtaking scene in autumn. We loaded into our rental cozily with just enough luggage space and breathing room. 

The drive had its own distinct New England vibe, but it was downtown Providence with the real eye-catching charm. We drove past gondolas, RISDE's edgy museum, picturesque parks, and streets perfect for strolling. 

Our dinner destination, Cuban Revolution, was definitely a different dining experience. There was something radical, bold, and fresh about the atmosphere, although there's not as much to say about the service.

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  1. I'm glad I finally got to read your blog, Kelly, and your explanation about why you and Tayler had to grab something to eat because you were "starved". I recalled the large meal you had packed for the trip and kept wondering how on earth a scrawny thing like you could be hungry again in just a few hours. I guess you can get pretty hungry when you leave your meal behind. Oh well...

    Actually, that sandwich sounded like heartburn waiting to attack.