Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wellesley Time!

Waking up today went very smoothly for me. I expected to be very tired, but to my surprise I was able to get a good enough sleep for my body to handle the morning. I got up and ready to head downstairs along with Destiney to meet the rest of the girls and our chaperones, and then head off to a cafe to have breakfast. On our way down the elevator Destiney and I ran into Iris, Molly, Emily, and Maddie, who were also surprised when they saw us. When everyone got to the lobby Ms. Kaplan led the way outside to our destination: Breakfast!

Small Point Cafe
At the cafe everyone ordered what they wanted. I chose to order an egg and cheese English muffin with spinach and an orange juice, because it reminded me of the breakfast that my mom makes me at home. I sat down on a couch next to Iris and began to eat my delicious and satisfying breakfast. As I ate I realized how pretty the cafe was. It was made out of brick and the atmosphere was so relaxing. there was pots with plants around and an awkward plant that stuck out of the brick wall. It was such an enjoyable place to be. Once everyone was finished with their delightful breakfasts we headed back to the hotel to leave to our first college visit: Wellesley.

Weaver House
We arrived at Wellesley around 10:30 to be on time for out 11:00 o'clock tour. Wellesley was such a beautiful and wonderful place. It had amazing scenery and some parts of the college looked like an old fashioned castle! Before our tour began we went into the Weaver House, which is like an admissions office. There we waited to be called by our tour guide. While we waited Ms. Kaplan handed us a booklet called The Wellesley 100. It is basically 100 marvelous things about Wellesley that the students could think of off the tops of their heads.

Our tour guide finally called us out and introduced herself. Her name was Amy. She is a rising senior at Wellesley and was very friendly. She took us all around and talked about each building we would pass by and give us a few fun facts about the life at the college dorms etc.
Wellesley Chapel
The tour was finally over and so we headed to get lunch a wonderful place called Lulu  Chow Wang Campus Center. When we finished eating our lunches we headed back to the admissions office to attend the information session. At the information session many things that our tour guide had told us were being repeated as well as newer information that did great use to us. Once it was over we headed back to hotel to have some free time before our Brown Dinner at Camilles.
Science Building
Arriving to the hotel, Destiney and I headed straight to our room. I was getting a head start on my blogging when I received a text from Iris asking if Destiney and I would like to go work out at the fitness room of the hotel. We accepted her invitation, and met her and Molly on the elevator. At the fitness room we ran into Ms. Timmes who was, as always, pleasant company. I worked out for about an hour and then Molly, Destiney, Iris, Maddie, Emily, and I went to CVS to go buy the rest of the things we still needed for our stay.
When we arrived back to the hotel I went back to my room with Destiney in order to get ready for the Brown Dinner. Once ready we went downstairs to meet with all the girls and head out to the restaurant.
Although small, the restaurant was really pretty, fancy and cozy. At first we waited in an outdoor lounge area where there was a DJ playing music. Ms. Williams, Ms. Timmes, and Ms. Kaplan began to feel the vibrations of the music and began to dance! It was a funny scene, but very entertaining and ice-breaking. Then we were called to go to the room that we had originally been reserved for us.

Brad, Brenda, & Ana
At the dinner I met Brad, Brenda, and Ana, three rising seniors from Brown. They answered all our questions and even added on to the very interesting conversations that we were having. All night we ate, talked, and laughed about the different subjects that we would focus on. I was also able to get a lot of helpful tips about what to do when headed off to college and how to prepare before arriving. Today was truly a wonderful day for me, and I really hope that the rest of my stay at providence goes just as great and wonderful as today.


  1. Abi,
    I am so proud of you because you have accomplished a lot and I know you can accomplish much more, remember that God is with you in EVERY moment. I want you to learn what God wants you to learn in every experience at your stay in providence. There is so much distant between us but our hearts are very close.
    Mommy, Daddy, Sari, Isai, Addy, Blackie, and Princess.Lol

  2. Abby,

    What you all probably never knew but part of the interviews for the chaperones included spontaneous dancing and that’s why these three were selected to be with you all. The music touched their souls and their feet started moving. The next thing they knew their hips were swinging and their arms were flailing.

    What may have been missed by many is that you captured Romina walking by, sitting down and then texting. We can only hope she was texting a draft of her next blog. :-)