Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lead By Example

In the past two weeks, I've realized that six hours of sleep is out of the question, specially if the next day is a busy day. For all eight of us, every day has been busy since July 2, the day of our departure to Providence. You would assume that by now, I've learned my lesson on sleeping adequately. Unfortunately, I still have not. After about five hits on the snooze button, I finally woke up at about 8:15 in the morning. Meeting time with the girls has always been 8:30 everyday, so I struggled to get ready as quickly as possible. 

Even though my morning started roughly, I still needed to keep my mood positive and optimistic in order to deliver my presentation effectively later on in the day. Last week, my class was assigned to research an article pertaining to Women & Leadership. In our presentation, we had to explain why we chose the article, how it is relevant to the status of women in society, what we learned from it, etc. I was listed to present today, along with half of the class.

My article was about Tyra Banks' and her new TZONE Foundation residence in New York City. The goal of TZONE is to empower girls and young women by boosting their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-determination to shape their bright futures. The article struck me because I've always seen Tyra as a judgmental supermodel with high standards for outward beauty. I've never looked at her as a role model to many young women. It was inspiring to read that a celebrity like Tyra Banks is able to humble herself and lead these girls through her actions. In the article, she mentioned that she aims to lead by example, and I believe that she's doing great at it so far. If Tyra Banks can lead, then so can I.

Thanks to Emily's bravery and sacrificial love for her class, she stepped up to go first. Before I even had a chance to blink, it was my turn to go up. To my surprise, I wasn't that nervous. The practice that I've done last night was definitely worth it. It's a nice feeling to talk to my peers about an issue that I'm actually interested in. After delivering my speech, I felt much more motivated and driven for my Action Plan presentation. 

I went straight to my dorm after class because my eyes were extremely irritated. Ynah frightened me by telling me about our friend who was diagnosed with ulcer in her eyes due to contaminated contacts (thanks a lot). While my classmates spent quality time together by giving each other manicures, I took time to nap and rest my beet red eyes. At 6 PM, I walked to the V Dub with Emily, Ynah, and Taylor. I try my best to cherish my meals at the V Dub because, well, the days are now counted. If there's something from Brown that I will always keep close to my heart, it would be V Dub's infamous waffle maker. 

After dinner, we headed to the Sciences Library to work on our Action Plan papers. I'm proud to say that I finished my paper at 8:53, seven minutes before closing time. There's nothing better than working with motivation and productivity. Distractions were nonexistent tonight! Since a lot of us put so much effort into finishing our work today, we will reward ourselves tomorrow by going out to dinner together. For now, though, I think I deserve a well-rested sleep.

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  1. Romina,

    Do you really get six hours of sleep each night? Maybe I should come to Brown where I can get some rest. I stay up until three or four in the morning working o the ILC stuff and then get awakened with phone calls around 7:00 or so. OR, my ca will decide that it's time for me to put him out--not to do his business or anything but just because he wants to be outside and not inside. Try going back to sleep after either of those things.

    We need to hear more about all of your Action Plans and how you all plan to implement them. That will be interesting.