Monday, July 16, 2012

How Long Must We Wait?

One accomplishment I made today was learning how to use Pawprints. It took me about a week to finally print something out. Pawprints is the name for Brown's printing system. First you log onto a computer and "print" something out. Then you go to the Pawprint station, where you sign in again, slide your Bearbucks, and press the articles you would like to print. Confusing right? That was my initial reaction. 

Other than that, Kisa gave us time to do research on our action plan, wok on our newsworthy, read, or do the personal reflections. I'm glad she gave u time because it feels that I never really have enough time to get everything done. I utilized this time to finalize my newsworthy speech for tomorrow. During lab time Kisa and the Leader Fellows, Sophia and Christina, talked to everyone one on one about their action plan. I was placed in Kisa's group so we both discussed what was feasible and the logistics. I'm glad she enjoyed my action plan, creating a community within the Freshman class. I found this time helpful because now I can rally make things happen without having to worry, is this possible? Now that everything is simple the action plan will be executed easier. With the help of Richmond High School's administration, freshman teachers, and my peers, this can come a long way. 

During community time the Women and Leadership class watched a film called Iron Jawed Angels. I thought the movie was great because to portrayed women's struggles during WWI. Women were abused by other women and men because of what they believe to be unjust. They also were force fed by the prison doctors because they were all hunger striking. Because of these women who pushed forward, women made a social and political gain. Women were able to vote and President Woodrow Wilson finally lead by action rather than words. This movie showed me that accomplishing your goals can take as long as five years you just have to be focused, educated, and determined. Watching this movie gave me a new perspective as well. I realized that women gained the right to vote but we should have already acquired this right. Juxtaposing this nonfictional movie to today's reality, there isn't mush of a difference. Although today's pay wages are reported "equal" there's still a wage gap. What I'm ultimately trying to says that women have made advances in the past but we are just not there yet. We still constantly fight for equality and controversially have to prove why we are as good as men. 

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