Thursday, July 12, 2012

Course to Teamwork

Today's dynamic were different, the entire leadership institute headed to Bristole, RI at 8:15AM. I was ready to head into the wilderness for the Ropes Course but I was less excited for the ticks. We all started of by equipping our bodies with bug spray and the organic bandana solution. After that we were split into smaller groups where we bonded and got closer. Our first activity that tested our ability to work in a team was the tarp activity. Twelve people stood on a small tarp and had to flip it over with every one still on it. My group's first attempt didn't work out, we all stepped off the tarp. Our second attempt tested our ability to recoup and come up with a new plan. Molly helped a great deal because she took the initiative to flip the tarp over and direct people to spots. I would say we did exceptionally well. 

The second exercise was the "Fire Pit". Our group had a challenge because we had to go back and forth on a rope without talking. The most challenging part was the non-verbal communication. After we  moved to the "Whale Watch". It also challenged our nonverbal communication. After each activity we had a discussion about what we learned and what we noticed. I noticed that during these activities I took the backseat and didn't give much direction. I was the one who went with the flow. I think I do this because if someone over powers and controls the situation, I often am quick to trust that what they're doing is correct. I also give everyone a chance to suggest their ideas and I never suggest my own. I think that's pine thing that I have to work on for the next week; allowing myself to become a bit of a North leader.

In the end today was a great learning experience because it opened my eyes to something I was oblivious to, something I thought was okay. 

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