Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look What the Wind Blew In

Today we continued the newsworthy presentations. I just love listening to the current events that I was not aware of. One that resonated with me was the one Molly presented. Her topic was about women in Saudi Arabia not being able to go to the Olympics. I learned that the women are oppressed, they can't vote until the year 2015, can't drive, and can't leave the house without a man's permission. As of this year, Saudi Arabia are sending two women to the Olympics. I found this to be a great stepping stone but one of the women is actually from California. Quite surprising right? From all of these presentations I am exposed to the issues from around the world, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, Ireland, China, and the United Sates. 

The director of education from the Providence Mayor's Office came in to talk about education. Angela Romans did not start off her career in education she pursued engineering because of her proficiency in mathematics and science. From the different guest speakers, I have realized that they all started on different career paths and changed it completely. This gives me a sense that I do not have to know what I want to do yet, that is on less thing I now have to worry about. 

Kisa showed us a video of the president and CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer. The videos that Kisa shows motivates me because it is a reminder that women are constantly fighting to become successful and never let a man's workplace affect them. 

Continuing our curriculum, we learned about ethics and ethical dilemmas. Ethics are what you believe is the right thing to do, your morals, or your religious beliefs. The entire class took a survey in order to see how ethical we can be. The percentages were extremely shocking. One that surprised me was that 100% of us has lied before. Honestly, lying has become one of the things that has been hard to avoid. I lie when someone asks me "what's wrong" and my immediate response is "I'm fine". Not all lies are cruel and deceiving. I lie because I do not feel like addressing the problem I am going through. Kisa gave us situation where we had to clarify the ethnical dilemma and I realized that it is really hard to be ethical. For some it may be easy but sometimes it is just abruptly confusing. To be a leader you should have great ethics but every leader has a flaw and I think this is one of them. Contradicting right?

I order to finish my action plan I had to go to the library. I went to the Science Library and thank goodness it was right next to our class! The weather changed for the worst. There was a thunder storm! I;m glad that there was a storm because it gave me a reason to stay inside and be productive! 

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