Friday, July 13, 2012


Nothing extravagant happened today, but the session was still pretty interesting. Each group had to draw a box and in it jot down qualities of a woman that come up to mind when we hear "act like a lady". Outside of the box, we listed the consequences that women face when they don't meet these qualities. We did the same for "act like a man". It was interesting to see the different expectations that each gender has to face in society, and how they are labeled if those expectations aren't met. For example, a girl or woman who is fierce and assertive instead of dainty and conservative,  may be called inappropriate names or even isolated. If a guy expresses his sensitivity instead of his emotional strength, he may be called a wimp or worse (most likely worse). The question was, why? Why does it matter if a woman is bold and if a man is sensitive? 

Suzy Alba and 16-year-old Selena were our guest speakers for the day. Suzy, who is currently running for city council, emphasized that women do have the capability to achieve what they want to achieve. Gender roles in society usually put men in higher positions than women, but she believes that every one of us can change that. Selena was one of Kisa's students from last year's Women and Leadership course. She gave us an insight of her own Action Plan, what inspired her to come up with it, and how she actually pulled through with the Plan. Her tips and advice definitely motivated me to push myself. Selena reminded us that the Action Plan must come from whatever I'm passionate and strongly opinionated about. 

As class was coming to its conclusion, we took time to talk amongst ourselves and give each other feedback on each other's Action Plan ideas. My group all had a similar goal of raising awareness, where as others' goals were based on fundraisers, clubs/organizations, and events. My group mates gave me helpful feedback. I'm a lot more confident about my Action Plan now. 

My last Saturday in the east coast will be spent in Newport, Boston! I'm ready to have an amazing time with these amazing people.

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