Monday, July 16, 2012

"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!"

I’d say that today was one of my best days here at Brown. The productivity from my weekend somehow stuck to me and I was able to make a lot of progress with my assignments today.

After having breakfast at the Ratty, some of the girls and I headed to the Science Library to print out our Interview papers that were due today. That was fairly easy. We came to class just in time. I guess today was meant to be productive because after Kisa assigned us in groups to discuss our interviews and some of the readings, we were told to go to a computer room. There, we were able to get on computers and work on our research or other assignments. I was able to get my Newsworthy article assignment completely done. The initial purpose of the assignment is to share some recent news article about women & young girls all over the world.  It promotes our research and public speaking skills also. We had to research an article that Kisa approved of and are to present it to class either tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m glad I was able to get that out of the way.
While the whole class was in the computer room, Kisa and the Leader Fellows called students to review with them their Step 3 of their Action Plan. Step 3 is an essential part of the Plan because it outlines the actual plan. It answers questions from what issues you’re trying to address to how realistic are your goals. I got to talk to Christina, one of the Leader Fellows. She gave me full support of my Action Plan and told me that my idea was feasible. She got me really pumped up for the whole process to the point where I’m not even worrying about presenting it. I think that’s what made my day so productive. She motivated me to keep working by telling me that my idea was great. I can’t wait for Friday, when I get to reveal it!
After lunch, we went back to the computer room to keep working. I used that time to fill in the small flashcards I’ll be using for the Newsworthy presentation. I plan on practicing my public speaking skills in front of a mirror tonight. I hope all goes well for tomorrow! Then, after class, Romina and I went to the Science Library to do more work. We stayed there until 5 PM. It’s kind of funny because we were both so focused on our work that we didn’t even realize it was pouring outside. My roommate texted me, asking if I was in the room. I asked her why, and she told me that it was pouring outside and she was wondering if I could close our windows. I quickly turned to the huge glass wall of the Science Library. And my roommate was right. It was pouring like crazy. I was amazed by how clueless Romina and I were. We laughed about it for about 10 minutes.  We waited for the rain to pause before heading back to Perkins.
Community Time was from 7 to 9 PM today. It was an excitement to hear that we were only going to watch a movie. But it wasn’t just ANY movie; of course it had some relevance to our class. We watched the Iron Jawed Angels. The movie is about the American women's suffrage movement during the 1910s and focused on Alice Paul. I found it interesting how even way back in the day, women have been fighting for their rights. It’s a great feeling, though. It’s like we earned everything we have. I take some pride in that now that I’m more educated. I can’t wait to turn 18 and actually exercise my right to vote!

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