Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ocean Savvy

Emily, Ynah, and I completely changed our minds about the trip to Newport because we wanted to sleep in for once. Instead of 8AM, we decided to meet outside of our hall by 9. We aimlessly strolled down to Thayer Street, trying to find the bus stop. We felt lost because we had no clue with what we were doing. Instead of burning in the hot morning sun, I suggested that we take a break in Starbucks. This is when heaven sent Lizzie to us and told us that she and a bunch of other girls were going to the same place! Another angel from above, Amy, navigated us throughout our adventure with help from her iPhone. Thank goodness for technology.

Unfortunately, First Beach is an hour and a half away in a bus. It's also much longer when the bus is overcrowded with many people of many...smells. Just as I was beginning to feel relieved once I stepped out of the bus, we were faced with another problem. The beach is another 20-minute walk away! I really didn't think that the heat and my splintered feet were a pleasant combination. 

"I SEE THE SHORE!" The girls and I were so excited that we immediately jumped into the water. Let me tell you, the Atlantic does not disappoint. The temperature of the water was amazing. I would call  the water perfect, but the disgusting red algae that stuck to my body stops me from doing so. When Ynah and I returned from swimming, everybody pulled out their books. It was a great idea to do our homework while tanning. Multitasking and being productive was a lot easier because we were motivating each other to finish. I'm definitely going to miss being surrounded by people who actually care about their academics. When I come back home, I'm determined to motivate my classmates the way these girls motivate me.

By 4:30PM Ynah, Emily, and I decided to head home. We had to encounter yet another long bus ride, but before we knew it, we were back on Thayer Street. To change things up a bit, we had dinner at V-Dub (V-Dub > Ratty all the way). It's always a great time with these two girls. Today I learned that it's not impossible to have fun and be productive at the same time. 

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