Monday, July 16, 2012

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Mondays were always such a drag during the school year. Now, I think it's safe to say that Mondays are good days at Brown. 

The majority of class time was devoted to our Newsworthy Article presentations and, most importantly, our Action Plans. Although I caught myself procrastinating throughout the day, I also found myself being as productive as I possibly can. Ynah and I even walked straight to the Science Library after class to finish more work. It's a nice feeling to be accompanied by someone who is as motivated as myself. That way, we were able to assist each other and be each other's support system. After a good hour or two of nonstop working, Ynah suddenly bursted with laughter. As she saw my clueless face, she pointed at the huge window behind us (which by the way we didn't notice the entire time). It was raining cats and dogs! Our continuous productivity turned into continuous laughter, so we decided that we've accomplished enough work for the day and it was time to wrap up. When the rain finally subsided, we headed back to Perkins before dinner.

Community Time was a bit more relaxed tonight because we watched a movie entitled Iron Jawed Angels. I initially thought that it would bore me to death, but I was wrong. The movie portrayed the years of pain and sacrifice that Alice Paul and her supporters had to endure in order for women to gain their right to vote. It never occurred to me that these women literally put their own lives at stake for the success of their women suffrage movement. Today, both sexes have a say in the elections. It's absolutely empowering to learn how much blood and tears it took for us women to get to the position we are in today. 

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