Sunday, July 15, 2012

Go With the Flow

Today was another day spent at the beach! Ms. Timmes accompanied us this time and picked us girls up right after we finished breakfast at the V-Dubb. 

This beach was a major improvement of yesterday's. Garbage was where it was supposed to be, the trash can. Rocks and glass were no where to be seen either. White sand, blue ocean water, and brilliant shades of beach umbrella colors were everywhere. As soon as we got situated in our area, we ran into the cool water for a dip. If I were to choose which beach between the West or East Coast was better, I'd say East. The water was warm, yet refreshing compared to the freezing temperatures of the Pacific Ocean. The East has tiny grains of sand, while the West has pebbles. Although I prefer the beaches here, a beach is a beach, and I'd love to go anywhere anytime.

After the fun ended, we gathered back in the van on our way to Community Hours. Tonight's subject was about action plans. There were four panelists, who are also our RA's, talking about their experiences with their plans. Some failed, while some flourished. Each recommenced that we start as soon as we get back home, otherwise we would lose focus and the main reason why we are all at Brown. My action plan is still in the making and from the mouthful of the panelist's wise words, I believe I can make a difference in my community. They said even a small idea can impact your environment, it'll continue to grow as long as your ideas and mind expand. After the discussion and Q&A, we broke into smaller groups to talk about our half way point.

This week has gone by so fast, sometimes I wish I can visit Father Time to plead him to pause time. There's only five more days of this program left and I can't wait to present my action plan to my peers. I know it'll get the jitters, but having adrenaline rushing through my body is one of my favorite things in the world. The countdown begins to show others what I've taken from this course.

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