Saturday, July 14, 2012

Walk Till You Drop

Waking up at seven in the morning isn't the first thing on my list to do on a weekend. I was a little bit grouchy to be woken up at this time and to not be able to eat breakfast. Unless you count a cold Frappuccino drink and a muffin from Starbucks to be a decent meal. After "breakfast" I headed out to the buses on my way to New Port.

When the buses arrived at our destination, Abby, Molly, and myself decided to cling together for our day's adventure. We grabbed a map from the information desk and made our way to find the shopping outlets. Every store we went in was extremely expensive and way out of our budget! We hanged our heads in defeat as we walked out each boutique.

So Many People!
On the positive side, the three of us decided to walk to the beach to brighten our morning. The map made our trip seem fairly easy. In the end, it took roughly an hour to get there and back! I believe we had to walk over two miles! We soaked up the sun while the warm breeze blew through our hair. It was fun while it lasted, then we made our move back to the buses.

Molly's Treasure at the Beach
The stores were tempting us to take another chance before we left. Our hearts said yes, but our wallets were screaming NO! We decided to take another peak and that was when we did some damage. We didn't shop only for ourselves, we also did for family and friends. The price was adding up and my wallet almost gave out. It was a good thing that it was last minute shopping, other wise I would have done more destruction.

The boutiques, the ability to walk near the ocean, and the art museums gave New Port the impression  of Sausalito, CA. The beautiful scenery made me enjoy my time, even when I had to walk two miles on a blistering hot day. New Port was a fantastic tourist area that I would love to return to!

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