Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Only a Matter of Time :)

Finally! After two weeks of not being able to get 8 hours of wonderful sleep, I successfully did! It felt so good to wake up and not feel the least bit of tired.
Walking into class I took my seat ready to hand in my interview to Kisa, but to my surprise Kisa told us to hold on to them, and then she split us into groups of four. She then told us to discuss about who we interviewed and what we learned from it. During this time we all just talked about how the woman we interviewed really stood out, and what her points of view about women are like. I wasn't surprised to figure out that all four women had different responses and ideas. I chose to interview my mom because she is a woman whom I really admire. She is also my biggest role model.
During my interview with my mom I learned what her parents taught her that women are expected to do or be. She told me that growing up my grandparents always told her that marriage between a man and a woman is forever. I believe this too, but I was also taught by my parents that a woman should not handle an abusive or violent husband who doesn't respect her. My parents brought me up with the teaching of being patient and waiting for God to bring the right person for my life. It was things like this that my group and I discussed about. After we finished our discussion we shared with the class what we learned from them and then all the girls except three stayed to talk with Kisa, Christina, and Sophia.

 It was my turn to talk to Christina about my action plan and I was pretty excited, but nervous about it. I told her how I was indecisive of what it should be because I had three ideas that I was really interested in. She started asking me questions about each of my ideas and by the end of my plan I was able to choose one that I am now really focusing on, and being passionate about.

Today during Community Time we watched Iron Jawed Angels, a movie about Alice Paul who is an American woman and feminist that fought for women's citizenship and the right to vote. She had to face many obstacles and go through really tough situations in order to achieve the goal. It became so bad for her that she along with many of her supporters faced having to go to jail. Her experience showed me to strive for the goals that I set my mind on.

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