Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Much of Anything Hurts

The first half of class consisted of practicing our presentations for the big day tomorrow. We were divided into groups of four and were asked to find a place to practice in the CIT building. My group and I went into the computer room, where we quickly began presenting our plans one by one. After each person was done, we had time to elaborate on the presentation. I'd say that receiving feedback from your peers is the most important part of practicing because they're able to catch the mistakes you weren't aware of. We went back to the classroom after we were done and had a discussion about some articles we've been reading as assignments. Again, we were divided into small groups.

My group and I had an engaging discussion about the "Supergirl Syndrome" article we read as our last reading assignment. Basically, the article focuses how the idea of always being perfect on everything is affecting women in society. I know for a fact that I've felt the pressure of being the Supergirl. I feel like a lot of the boys at my school expect and sometimes demand the "it" girl, which sets out standards for normal girls, including me. Sometimes it makes me want to compromise with my real abilities and strive to achieve more than I probably can. The idea of perfectionism questions if it's ever possible to grow up without making mistakes. I'd say that it's impossible to grow up without making mistakes. Nobody is perfect, how cliche right? But it's true. Making mistakes is a way of learning. If you really think about it, sometimes mistakes are what lead us to where we are now. The same concept though, can be intimidating for women who want to take the role of a leader. I feel like they're so pressured to be perfect that they don't want to disappoint society and end up not even trying for the position because of this feat. Striving for perfection can both help, but hurt at the same time. Wanting to achieve perfection sets high standards for people, which can also be a motivation to keep moving forward. However, if  a person consistently wants nothing but perfection, they'll just end up hurting themselves when they don't live up to their expectations. I feel that a balance of both can be a good thing for anybody.

My favorite part of the self defense class!
During lunch, I took the time to visit some more of Thayer Street's many local shops. I found a little souvenir shop filled with novelty items. I loved it! It was full of nicknacks I know that my little brother would love. We were told to meet at Petteruti Lounge right after lunch for our much anticipated self-defense class. Our instructor, Michelle Nuey, made it clear to us that the class is merely an introduction to self defense, but we were able to have a lot of hands on experience as well! I learned that self defense consists of 90% mental work and 10% physical effort. Self defense is a matter of choosing to resist, but it's also always being aware of situations and having quick reactions to alarming situations. I always thought that self defense is only being physically prepared to resist to any type of situations. Michelle taught us some basic physical defenses. She taught us how to properly hold the defensive stance, where your feet are spread shoulders width and you drop your center, with a slight bend at the knees. I was familiar with the stance and some blocking moves because I recently took MuayThai kickboxing classes. The self defense class made me miss it so much!

I would have never taught I would be taking a self defense class in Brown University, but after taking it, I feel that every woman should at least consider taking one. It is important to know not only basic physical defense skills but also practice the self defense mentality of always analyzing or having quick reaction time. There is no telling of what can happen nowadays!

We also had our very last Community Time earlier. The only difference is that tonight's CT was with our floor mates and RA. Elsa, the second floor RA, began the evening activity by handing us little envelopes where we are to put our keys in when we turn them in during check out. Most of the girls on my floor were already feeling sad that the program is ending. I won't lie, I was getting a little teary at the thought of actually leaving some of the best people I've met behind. We then moved on with a closing activity/game.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday, which means that my journey as a Brownie is almost over... or is it?

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  1. Yes! You went to Pleasant Surprise! Their fridge magnets are hilarious.