Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staying Wavy

The Brown II cohort yet again spent the day at the beach, but this time, with Jackie! It was bittersweet to be back in the infamous van with all of us reunited (minus Aby, who was at church). Lately, the girls and I have been spending time with our new friends so much that we hardly get to see each other outside of class. Today was the best opportunity to catch up, so we agreed to meet with Jackie and go to the beach. The ride there was bumpy as usual, but I missed that van too much to even care.

Only the coolest chaperone ever.
We found the perfect spot as soon as we arrived. After a few minutes of settling down, we all headed for the water! Words cannot describe how much I enjoy the water here. I can actually dip my whole body in without worrying that I'd freeze to death. I had a lot of fun jumping into, over, and with the waves. It made me feel free and full of life. We had a handful of moments when we couldn't find a way to stop laughing. My cohort is such great company, whether it be in an academic setting or not.

Although the waves caused our adrenaline levels to reach its peaks, we later ended up winding down by reading, listening to music, or napping under the sun. It's amazing how the beach has the ability to exhilarate me and relax me at the same time. Unfortunately, time interrupted us and brought us back to reality. On our way home (aka Perkins Hall), I started to stress out about my homework and Action Plan that I had yet to finish within this week.

Community Time followed promptly after dinner. You can only imagine the exhaustion that we felt as the day was so close to ending. Surprisingly, I managed to stay awake and alert throughout the entire two hours. Our RAs (resident assistants) led Community Time by giving us tons of advice pertaining to our Action Plan. This really helped me because I needed an extra boost to get motivated and geared up. As the RAs put it, our Action Plans are still in their fetal stages, but they will have to be delivered and given birth to by the end of this week.

I'm afraid that I will not have enough free time to cherish my last five days in Providence, but I'm determined to find a way around it. I can't believe I will have to start packing soon. As much as I want to go home, I've also established a home in Brown.

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