Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Expressing My Beliefs :)

Presentations Time
"Stand tall (even though your short), pronounce every word correctly, don't stutter, look at everyone when speaking, take advantage of the space around you, motivate, GET YOUR POINT ACROSS!". These were the things that kept repeating in my mind as I was called to speak about the article that I had chosen concerning women. I was trying my best to hide the fact that I was very nervous. I tried to relax and be confident that I would do a great job. It was a little difficult for me to speak since my voice was fading and at moments I could hear it sound as if though I wanted to cry.

I spoke about abortions, the dangers it brings to a womens' lives, and what to do to prevent or at least decrease the rates of abortions in the U.S. I stated my opinions on how I am against abortion, in the most respectful way possible, and expressed my beliefs without being judged by any of the girls. I felt comfortable talking about this delicate issue in our society because many of the girls expressed through their faces that they were open minded with what I had to say. When I finished my speech all the girls clapped for me which made me feel proud with my performance. Some girls asked questions asked questions concerning the subject, and this mad me feel even happier, because it showed that they were paying attention and were also interested in the subject.

Angela Romans
After all of the rest of the girls that were still left to present spoke, Kisa asked Chloe to introduce us to our guest speaker of the day. Our guest speaker was Angela Roman, a woman who studied engineering (math and science), but is currently a Senior Education Advisor, and works in the Mayor's Office of Providence. She came to speak to us about the importance of education and finance's of school districts. She mentioned about the situations that go when the school district needs to lay off teachers and the impact that it causes the school as well as the students. She also mentioned how the school district decides what schools to close and what teachers to lay off.

It didn't surprise me to hear the things she said because back at home my teachers always discussed these situation with the students because they felt that we had the right to know what was going on in our school district. I was very well informed and the things that Ms. Romans said just confirmed everything that my teachers had told me.

Later in the day the class discussed about the ethical situations. Kisa asked us what we thought about the term ethnics and what it meant to us. I honestly didn't know what the word meant and thought it was related or had something  to do with ethnicity. Ethical means relating to moral principals. Kisa asked us to place ourselves in an ethical position, meaning to put ourselves in a situation where we were faced with the dilemma of making a decision based upon our morals or choosing to make a decision based upon our interest. This activity cause some controversy among some of us girls, because sometimes we were face with having to do the right thing or letting ourselves be moved by our emotions, because it involved a relative or friend.

Today I learned about the importance of staying true to your moral values and being ethical when making a decision. I also learned that with being a leader come situations where one must choose to do the right thing even if it means losing a friend. Doing the right thing is always the best thing.

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